Women and Mobile Gaming

Donchaluvit?   Another "women don’t use technology" stereotype smashed.   A recent report by Telephia, a mobile industry performance measurement reporting company, found that in the mobile gaming space, four of the top five revenue generating titles were in the Puzzle/Strategy category.   These mobile games do very well with women.

Sixty-five percent of mobile game revenue is driven by female wireless subscribers, comprising 72 percent of the total share of revenue, while men made up 28 percent. Women dominate revenue generation for all mobile game categories, with the exception of Action/Adventure mobile games, in which men drive 60 percent of the revenue for that category.

Ad placement in mobile games is a rapidly growing industry.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking young men are the only target market.   Check out the following stats:

Category Share of Revenue and Gender Revenue Share (U.S.)


Share of Revenue

Male Share

Female Share

























Source: Telephia Mobile Game Report, Q1 2006

See the full report here.

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15 Responses to Women and Mobile Gaming

  1. Mary Schmidt says:

    “Women don’t use technology” Ay-yahhh…Well, yes we do. We just don’t: a. obsess about it; b. translate our own need for power/size into Freudian obsession and bragging about how big/fast/whatever our new gidget/widget is.
    We use it, enjoy it (and yes – sometimes even design it!)

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  8. Andrew says:

    Hello. I am a newbie to your site and found this blog post very interesting. I do not use mobile gaming very much but I do play my Xbox frequently. I wonder how the percentages would break down for gaming at home between women and men. My wife does not find video games very interesting, except the occasional driving game. Understanding she does not represent all women I would be interested to know how popular gaming at home is with women.
    I also wonder what the age breakdown for women mobile gamers is? I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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  12. shekhar says:

    very nice blog

  13. well, these numbers are not much of a surprise
    but it’s good to see your predictions confirmed by real statistic

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  15. Nike Air Max says:

    While I have not read the Hotchkiss article nor seen other references to women using the Internet primarily as a communications channel in response to the Pew Study, I do agree with your arguments. My perspective is influenced by my job with a trade association, of which the majority is women, and anecdotal perceptions from discussions with my wife. I too have found the opposite about women being more patient or more comfortable browsing. They seem to be much more quickly irritated by the waste of time than men (who think they’ll get it figured out in another minute or two). Fast, easy, useful – those seem to be three of the most critical factors.

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