Women-Winning Sales Scripts

woman on cell phone at office

Has this ever happened to you?

I was in the middle of an important work project when the phone rang. I did not recognize the number, but it was a local number, so I answered it in case it was something important.

It wasn’t.

It was my insurance company calling to “offer” (aka try to get me to buy) their roadside assistance program.  The offer was for two months free.

Why so many sales scripts fail to convert women

Here’s what went wrong….

Mistake #1 – Talking too long, creating a monologue, not a dialogue

The caller asked one or two introduction questions, but then went on a long talking spree, spouting all the benefits of the product.   At that point, all I was thinking was, “How do I politely get this woman off the phone.  I don’t want to just hang up on her, but I need to get back to my project.”

I understand the thinking here; talk long enough and you may eventually hit a benefit that will the get the interest of your prospect.

The problem was, I was not listening.  The longer she talked, the more antsy I was to get off the phone and back to my project.

Women are the busiest people on the planet.   When you call her on the phone, unannounced, the likelihood that you will find her in a relaxed moment when she will be receptive to your message is close to zero.

But here is the good news – women may be more polite than men (notice I said may).    So they may be more likely to not hang up.

NOTE:  Do NOT mistake her attempts to be polite with actual interest in what you are saying. But this desire to be polite can work in your favor

Despite the fact that she really doesn’t have the time or desire to talk to you, you may get 10 to 30 seconds of her time. But whether that time works for or against you depends on the following……

Solution #1 –  Ask better questions

By better questions, I do not mean “Gotcha!” questions.   For example, “If I could show you an amazing opportunity to save money on  Product X, you’d be crazy not to find out more, right?”

When you try to get women to commit to something right out of the gate, it feels pushy and destroys trust.

Avoid the other sure-fire sign that this is a SALES call, “How are you today?”

You do not give a hoot how I am today.  It’s fake and women know it.

So what would be a good question to ask?    Something that is relevant.

In the case of my insurance company, they know I have a car insured with them.   Instead of leading with their offer then continuing with a monologue, what if they started with a question designed to lead to a dialogue?

“We want to thank you for choosing our insurance to cover your car.   How’s your car doing?   Have you had any issues with it?”

Mistake #2 – Taking too long to get to her objection.

I guarantee you, if you are trying to sell something to a woman, there is an automatic concern/objection she will have right from the start.  (And it is exacerbated because you are cold-calling her and she does not know you, and it feels like you are being disrespectful of her time.)

My guess is that one of the biggest objections the insurance company gets is that many people have already paid for AAA coverage.

That was my objection, and even though the company was offering two months free, I knew I’d have to pay for the other 10 months, and I already had coverage from AAA.

When the caller finally stopped talking to take a breath, I inserted my objection, and she, of course, continued with her stock answer to my objection. The problem is, she had talked for so long, that my “ready to get off the phone now and back to work” annoyance level was so high there was no way I was buying anything.

Solution #2 – Address her objection up-front. 

There is an objection she has in her head right from the get go.  And until you address it, she’s not going to hear what you have to say.

What if the caller has asked me early on – “Do you have AAA coverage?”

My answer would have been, “yes.”  At that point, she could say that’s great, because it’s super important to have that coverage.  And she would follow up by asking, “When do you have to renew that coverage?”

“When it’s time to renew your AAA coverage, compare our roadside protection plan coverage.   Our plan covers (XYZ) not covered by AAA.    And we’ll give you the first two months free.”

Wow – because of how she approached this, I’m more likely to be open to hearing about the benefits of her plan.    She addressed my objection up front, so I am now actually listening to what she has to say.

Summary on how to create women-winning sales scripts

I understand the desire to get as much good information and as many benefits as possible inserted into the conversation as early as possible.

I made that same mistake in a “cold-call” I made later that day.  And, “Surprise”!  I got the same result my insurance company got from me.   “I’m really busy now.  No thank you.”

When selling to women, especially if you are calling unannounced, follow these two rules:

  1. Ask better questions and do NOT go on a long monologue.
  2. Address her objection up-front or she will not listen to what you have to say.

It sounds easy, but it’s not.    Follow these two principles and you will close more sales with women.

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