Women – Share Your 10 Most Memorable Business Moments

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In a previous post about how to use social media to market to women, I discussed the importance of "the cupcake" or the emotional connection between female customers and brands. 

Careerbags.com sells laptop bags and other bags designed specifically for women.  (disclosure:  they are a research partner). Their customers are business women.  But what is the emotional connection between the two?

Every woman in business has experienced certain highs and lows in her career.  Careerbags is asking women to share those stories on their blog by creating a list of your 10 most memorable business moments. 

In return for sharing your list, careerbags.com President –Ellen Hart, who is also a bag designer, will make a personal recommendation to you of a bag she thinks you'll love based on your list.

I have to tell you, I submitted my list and Ellen nailed it – I LOVE the woman's laptop bag she recommended.

As an added bonus, out of all the women who enter their lists, a winner will be drawn to win a free bag.

I love this for so many reasons.  But the main one is, making an emotional connection between the customers and the brand with women's top 10 most memorable business moments lists.

For example – my list included a time when I was working for a company in New York.  A client came in for our introduction meeting.  I wanted coffee, so, polite person that I am, I asked if anyone else at the table would like some.   Well, half way through the meeting, it was announced that I would be the project lead on the client's project.  He was incredulous – "you're putting the secretary in charge of my project?"   It was the only time I ever pulled out my big fancy title to inform the client I was not a secretary, but rather the Senior Vice President in charge of client services.

One of my highs was when I finally left Corporate America to go out on my own.  I was celebrating my final day of work and looking forward to real time off for the first time in over 20 years. I sat with my sister at the bar of a beautiful old hotel drinking champagne and toasting life.   I don't think I've ever been so happy.  I did the Holly happy dance all the way home.

All women in business have these stories – good and bad.   I encourage you to head over to the careerbags.com blog and share your top 10 lists.  You'll get a fabulous personalized recommendation for a career bag, and you'll be entered to win a free bag.

And remember, as you're putting together contests/promotions, make sure there is an emotional connection rather than just giving away free stuff.  It's a powerful way to build more long-term relationships.

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6 Responses to Women – Share Your 10 Most Memorable Business Moments

  1. AdWomen says:

    I think it is a fabulous strategy. As you say, emotional connection is really important and in this case, the brand is doing the right stuff.

  2. Ying Cheng says:

    A great example of connecting with customers! I liked your stories too.

  3. E Leigh says:

    Wow.. what a great blog!! It’s exactly what us gals need in order to support each other and embrace our “softer side”. I love your story about the “coffee” hehe. I’ll be back to visit again soon. Cheers

  4. Trevor Cross says:

    I teach many of your methods to my clients. you have got a lot of good stuff on here

  5. Shams says:

    it’s just as well triomakesmehot isn’t in London now as pennald; if she’d come to this with me her head might have exploded. Or at the very least she’d have been writing Historical slashfic in the interval.) You mean I missed that … LIVE on stage? Bangs head against keyboard. And to think I was just beginning to feel less bad about our trip being delayed.Well, I’m not sure my head would have exploded, but I’m sure I’d have been fanning myself with the program! Historical slashfic, hmmm … might have to give that some thought. I’ve only ever written HP slash since QAF, Hollyoaks and Torchwood are all kind enough to let me watch.The addiction was there before we met, you know, but I think you’ve sealed my fate now with all the delicious visuals you’ve sent over!

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