Wizards of Web Special Event

I don’t know if you’ve ever met my pals Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg.  (boss sounds so hierarchical – I prefer to think of them as my friends)  Bryan and Jeffrey are the two head honchos behind Future Now. They are also two of the smartest guys I’ve ever met.  And that’s saying something, cause I think smart is seriously sexy and surround myself with the biggest brains I can find. 

Bryan and Jeffrey teach a famous course at Wizard Academy called Wizards of Web.  If you’ve ever thought about attending – this is the time.  Keep reading. 

Very shortly, you’re going to be hearing some serious buzz about their new book, Waiting for Your Cat to Bark.  And in this case, the buzz is going to be deserved.  It truly is a remarkable manuscript.   Lest you think it’s only for pet lovers, the book talks about a fundamental change in marketing that will alter the way in which you view your customers and how to market to them.

The book gives away the farm on Persuasion Architecture, the process Future Now uses to create exponential increases in conversion in online as well as offline marketing.  To be honest, after reading it, I thought they’d lost their minds.   All the secrets, all the proprietary processes – it’s all in there.   

So –what does this have to do with you?   

To promote the book, Bryan and Jeffrey are teaching a special 2 day version of WOW – Wizards of Web at Wizard academy in Austin, TX, May 9 anad 10.   WOW attendance normally runs around $3,000 a person.   But for this 2 day version, attendance is just $1,800..almost half price.  But that’s not the best part – you’ll also receive 100 hardback copies of the book when it is released, plus an advanced signed copy at the seminar.    So, you get:

  • Wow for almost half price
  • An advance copy so you can be one of the first to read the book
  • 100 copies to give to friends, clients, and colleagues.   How cool not to just say “I read this great book – you really got to read it.”   But “I read this great book, you really need to read it.  Here’s a copy on me.” 

If you’ve been thinking at all of going to WOW – this is the time.

Below is my response after attending WOW, and the course is 3 times stronger now than it was even when I attended.

I was, frankly, quite surprised that airport security didn’t stop me and ask me to empty my head. It was obviously overstuffed with impressive shiny new tools. Not to mention radical new thoughts and ideas&.Persuasive Architecture, Conversion Rates, Prototyping, and who knew Wireframing was more than just a necessity for push-up bras. WOW lived up to its name. What Jeffrey and Bryan are doing makes infinite sense. Apply these principles and leap 3 years ahead of your competition.

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