Why Do Women Ask So Many Questions?

My God I’m annoying.  I really am.  Sometimes I just want to ask what is the matter with me?   Until I really grasp something, until I know and fully understand everything, until every last one of my questions is answered, I won’t let it go.  I won’t move forward.  I won’t agree with you.  I won’t buy from you.

What’s up with that?    I checked  my lineage and while there is some arrogant French and some stubborn Cherokee – at last search there is no Pitt Bull in my blood.

My only comfort is – I am not alone in this behavior.  As a matter of fact, I am finding that women everywhere share this same trait.  We ask a ton of questions.   And we won’t move forward until we get every last one of them answered.

Women often have different buying processes than men.  In case you missed this great post by Michele Miller – here’s an explanation of how men and women have different buying processes. 

I recently found an article that further added fuel to my theory that women have more questions or ask different questions than men do.  Oddly enough, it wasn’t about marketing, it was about increasing shareholder value.

The article talks about 10 reasons why having women in senior management makes you a more successful company.  Here are some of the stats they quote.

In this landmark study, "The Bottom Line: Connecting Corporate Performance to Gender Equity," Catalyst examined the financial performance of 353 companies between 1996-2000. It found that the companies with the highest representation of women in their senior management teams had a 35 percent higher Return on Equity — a key measure of profitability — and a 34 percent higher Total Return to Shareholders

It’s a really interesting read – but what I found really interesting to my research was this little tidbit.

Women [board members] ask questions that men don’t think to ask, because women come from a completely different environment and vantage point.

very interesting.  so what does this have to do with marketing to women online?  Everything.

I’ve found from my own experience and the experience of many, many other women –  that websites do a terrible job of answering all our questions.

Until you answer all her questions – she’s not buying from you.   so how do you answer all her questions? One area most etailers fall down in is product descriptions.

  • Rugs – don’t just give a few features and specs.  What questions does she have about your products?   Yes – that rug color looks nice and she knows a natural weave is what she’s looking for – but is it soft to bare feet of toddlers?  does it stain when Aunt Jan spills her red wine?  is it durable when lots of traffic pounds the rug fibers?
  • DVD Players – does it record or just play back?  what media does it use?  what’s the difference between DVD +R and DVD -R?  What’s this dual layer technology they’re talking about?  Can I copy a DVD to a DVD?   How does it hook up to my TV?  and do the cables I need come with it?   
  • Towels – sure, they’re made of soft cotton – but will they stay soft through hundreds of launderings?   Will they maintain their color or fade?  Will they unravel or will they remain intact even though they’re used almost every day.
  • Shoes – you say your color is "midnight" but is that blue or black?  and is your shoe soft leather or that really stiff leather?   and what size is your heel?  I"m on my feet all the time, but I want enough of a heel to look stylish?  so is your shoe comfortable?   
  • Climbing ropes – I am an indoor climber but now I’m going to try outdoor climbing.  What ropes do I need?  are indoor ropes different from outdoor ropes?   Do I need different shoes?   If I’m just starting out, exactly what do I need?   Can you tell me which products are best for novice climbers?   and can you instruct me on how to use them? 

And what about About Us sections?

  • Who are you?  What are your values (and don’t give me some canned mission statement that’s nothing but corporate speak)  Can I speak to a live person?  really?  or will I go through telephone hell if I want to get to someone who actually speaks English I can understand?  What does it feel like to work with you?  I want more than just testimonials and client studies – what does it really feel like to work with you?  will your support people treat me like I"m an idiot because I’m a woman?   Do you have any women in management positions?   Do you care about the environment, worker benefits, and how do you treat moms with kids on your staff?

Think I’m crazy?  Think women really aren’t asking this many questions?  Think again. 

Does your website answer all her questions?   Do you even know what her questions are? 

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13 Responses to Why Do Women Ask So Many Questions?

  1. tekanji says:

    Interesting observation. I think that I may fall more into the “male” pattern in terms of question asking, but part of that may be that I tend to research a product on the internet (away from the corporate sites) first.
    One thing that struck me, though, is that some of the questions you raised here really can’t legitimately be handled by the company themselves.
    I mean, after all, how can you trust a company that says its carpet is stain resistant? So much advertising is built on various forms of lying and companies don’t typically say things like, “this carpet stains easily.”
    Maybe if we had a higher standard for honesty it would be different, but until then I think it’s a better bet to find that info via consumer organizations and independent reviews from actual people.

  2. Thomas Walker says:

    You have to be careful and not solely rely on FEMINIST studies. Why? Feminists aren’t interested in the truth, they’re interested in an agenda. For example, the feminist myth about women only earning 75c for every $1 a man earns, has been thoroughly debunked for decades. Decades! If women did the same job for less, then nobody would hire men! Most feminist studies and sources DO NOT STAND UP to scrutiny. They know that women won’t look into or challenge their sources. Women are just interested in “looky here at this article that states all the reasons women should be in the top levels of business … oh, and damn the patriarchy.” How much effort have you put into debunking the feminist information you so often reference? If they can hook you emotionally with their studies, they know women will endorse it & follow them. HERD THINKING. The foundation of Feminism and Women’s Studies is complete BS. But they don’t want you to know that, of course.
    By declaring war on boys & men, you really don’t understand what a deep hole women are digging themselves into.

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  4. Jordans 6 says:

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  5. Alex says:

    I wouldn’t care but you refuse to listen to the answers.

  6. justsomeguy says:

    women ask too many questions and gossip out of fear of the unknown. That’s why men build everything, that’s why men are the protectors, that’s why men are the pioneers and trend-setters; instead of living in fear of what s around the next corner, we buck-up, take our cahoens in hand and go and LOOK. Whatever comes when we round the next corner, or crest that next hill we will deal with it on a case-by-case basis. Women want it all handed to them and then are never satisfied with anything. It is self-destructive behaviour at it’s worst and I have no problem with people self destructing except for the one thign that always occurs with a woman that is self-destructive; they have to take others with them. Grow up, be happy with what their IS and stop worrying about what there isn’t or what there could be. JUST STOP

  7. Agustina says:

    Common has been answering fan quoseitns for the last few days regarding his career and new album The Dreamer/The Believer which will be in stores soon. You can check part three after the break and part one right here.

  8. Amida says:

    Later, he had to pull in his hands on an inside pitch and gofeld it foul down the line. But the contact he made the camera panned over to the seats down the first base line and then just stopped must have been 4 or 5 seconds before the ball dropped out of the sky into the seats about even with the foul pole. It so impressed the TV crew, they cued up a super slo-mo replay of the swing how often does that happen on a foul ball 40 feet wide of the pole.

  9. Nelson says:

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  10. Tom says:

    its women are too stringent, too selxluay timid, too demanding, etc.I’m serious, just put some of these attributes about Jewish women into the search engines, and alot of other ethnicities will come up. To a point maybe they are true, maybe not, what can i say, women don’t want to settle, settling for a woman isn’t the same as what a man may settle for. Women shop aroundbecause the investment is far bigger for us often, we are putting our youth, bodies on the line for the man we love, we will bear him children, etc. A man, not saying all do, but they can usually opt out. We women need to remember and understand the essence of who we are and our femininity, and stop listening so much to society and what it is telling us about what we need to take from a man . We sh ould value his heart first, his character. Men, stop feeling like because a woman expects you to bring something to the table that she is too demanding. You are men and you have to play that role accordingly, that’s life. I loove being a woman, i wou ldn’t change it for the world, and i love men. Men are men no matter their ethnicity, but its all about perception, people are people and these negative attributes we are assigning to race/ religion often are more about being just human. I am supposed to be so low on the dating totem pole according to statistics in American society, black american female (im 30) unmarried, etc. Do you think what people say gets into my head, it doesn’t because i have pride in myself and i am beautiful inside and out, and it shows. The key is not to become bitter as time goes on, keep your senses of humor, y our own interests, and most of all, your scruples, good luck everyone.

  11. Manuel says:

    I think any guy who heard on a first date (or fourth date) that I waetnd 12 children would run like hell. That sounds like a way to keep all of us single.Secondly, there are some men I dated in my 20s I would have married, but they didn’t like me. (Well, as more than friends.) I’m nice but not beautiful. I finally found the man of my dreams at 36. We started trying to get pregnant at 37 and I’ve had a few miscarriages. I’m almost 40 now. What would the idiot rabbi say about that? Maybe if he’s got 12 kids he can lend me a few. What does he think of women who are infertile or have PCOS or endometriosis in his community would that couple be ashamed?

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