Why Brands Need to Be On Twitter

Truvia twitter reach out 

Let me get right to the point.  Love Twitter, hate Twitter, it does not matter. If you are a brand, you need to be on Twitter.

There are many reasons why, but let me give you one big reason –

Your customers are talking about you on Twitter.  You need to join in the conversation.  

Here's a news flash – Twitter is turning into the new Google.  More and more people are using Twitter Search.  Here's what @lewmoorman has to say:

Google used to get 100% of my queries.  Today, I bet Twitter is getting at least 10% of them.  There are some things Twitter is just flat out better at for getting information than Google.     Here are just a few:  researching companies, products and services for real customer feedback, breaking news and live events/conference updates.  It is not a total threat but Twitter is so superior in these areas that people will indeed make the effort to search somewhere new to get the information.  I do.

Instead of going to your big flashy website, customers may be going to Twitter to get the real scoop.

For example –

I was curious about a new no calorie sweetener Truvia.  (I suspect this company uses the same product naming service as the drug companies.)

So what did I do?  I went to Twitter Search to see what people are saying about it.

Truvia Twitter search  

Imagine how nice it would have been if someone from Truvia was on Twitter.  When I tweeted about it, they could reach out to me – answer any questions I had, maybe even give me some free samples to send to my friends, or prompt me to talk to my local Starbucks manager to request they carry Truvia.

Calling all brands.  Your customers are on Twitter.  They are talking about you.  Is it going to be a one way conversation or a two-way conversation?  The choice is yours.



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5 Responses to Why Brands Need to Be On Twitter

  1. Casey Dawes says:

    There are some great stories about companies that ARE on Twitter. Many are in: “twitter means business: how microblogging can help or hurt your company” by Julio Ojeda-Zapata.
    Not in the book is a story I hear about someone who had a broken seat on a San Francisco – New York Jet Blue flight. She twittered about it when she got to New York. Within minutes she had a tweet from Jet Blue. And, she had a great seat on the flight back.
    In the same presentation, another person said…don’t try it with Continental!
    You have to be on Twitter.

  2. There is an interesting talk about Twitter on TED by the founder of Twitter http://www.ted,com
    Twitter seems to becoming an important part of marketing online today.We should all Tweet!!

  3. I use Twitter for my business purposes…i know it’s very important to be on Twitter for brand visibility.

  4. Reubswork says:

    I had a look on twitter for the first time. I was gob smacked that it was all full of spam, where clickbank products are sold under tinyurl.
    The place is a joke.

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