Websites for Women – Common Mistakes Part 3

All_moms_go_to_heaven_shop_page I was talking with Jean at All Moms Go To Heaven, our guinea pig site, er….our test subject, and she has seen a definite increase in activity on her site.   By fixing her home page, and and making the suggested changes to her nomination form, she’s seen an increase in sales, nominations, and overall positive comments on her site.

But there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

So – let’s take a look at another common mistake when creating websites for women – category pages.

I’ve written about category pages before and how important they are, especially if you are targeting women. 

So let’s take a look at All Moms Go To Heaven and see what improvements we can make on their shopping page.

Ok – when you click on "Shop for gifts and apparel" on the home page, this is the page you land on.


There are two ways to improve this page, or any category page:

One – provide at least some copy that lets the visitor know what page they are on, and provides some guidance for moving forward.

The copy on this page says "We hope you find what you need."    Well, gosh, so do I.   But that copy certainly isn’t going to help me do it. 

What if we changed that to copy that was truly helpful, that let people know why apparel from All Moms Go To Heaven is right for them?

"Women love the All Moms Go To Heaven halo logo on our apparel.   You’ll love the logo, the style and the fit.   Plus, we have apparel that can be customized. 

Our "this mom deserves heaven" personalized line features tees, tanks, caps including maternity that feature the initial of your choice in Swarovski rhinestones – with a halo, of course!"

Can you see how having even just some copy that describes what you offer and what makes it special can entice a visitor to move forward?

The other area for improvement is – have the categories listed out in the active window. Right now, when you look at the page, all you see are the three featured items.  It almost looks like they have nothing else to offer.

To the left, you see the categories, but that’s not where your eyes are focused.

Move those categories into the active window and make them text links so she can easily see you have much more to offer and can easily see what she might be interested in.  All Moms Go To Heaven has baby clothes, maternity clothes, even shwag for your pet!   But the majority of visitors will never know because the area where their eyes are focused only talks about three items.

(Note, I’m not saying to get rid of your featured products – just add in copy and links to the other categories in the active window)

For an example of what I’m talking about – look at 

Remember – on category pages:

– Provide some copy that lets the visitor know what you offer and how it is special

– Provide category or sub-category text links in the active window so she can easily see what you offer and find what she’s looking for.

See more tips on categories

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7 Responses to Websites for Women – Common Mistakes Part 3

  1. Deb Nyberg says:

    I’ve developed this site for years….since the early 90’s for women in business. It use to have a great mail list and ongoing chatroom schedule. Over the past few years, the women in business stopped networking online with each other. I’d like that to happen again. Could you tell me what I can do at the website to get them subscribe to a new list (I’ll set one up again)? Thanks. Deb

  2. Category Pages Ease Ecommerce Frustration

    When shopping online, some people know exactly what theyre looking for. Some people know approximately what theyre looking for. Some people arent really sure.
    Are your category pages serving customers in all three stages of the buyi…

  3. I completely understand what are you talking about:All Moms Go To Heaven has baby clothes, maternity intimate apparel, even shag for your pet!

  4. Andrea says:

    I just came across your site. Fantastic information about marketing to women. If you could use another test site/blog to show your readers what to do and what not to do, please feel free to use my shoe site: I proudly wear size 11 shoes and created a shoe blog specifically for women who wear sizes 10 and up. I really would like to target more women who wear larger size shoes like: professional female basketball players, models, moms etc. Even if you do not decide to use my blog, please take a look at my site and tell your full-footed friends about Your Feet Make You Unique.
    Andrea Pace

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    This marketing tools has both the sides positive or negative.This site is of the best kind.Thanks for letting us know.

  6. Yee Wei says:

    Good write for sites targeting to women market! Keep up the good work.

  7. all moms go to heaven looks like a cool site. when I looked I saw grannies and kiddos. a nice juxtaposition.

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