Video On Your Thank You Page

It's a technique I'm seeing more and more – non-profit fundraising sites have a "thank you video" on their confirmation page after you've made a donation to their organization. 

Videos on thank you pages have been used by everyone from charities to politicians

It's a great idea.  Right at the point you have just handed over money, you get a video featuring the politician, or the head of the organization, or better yet, the very people the organization is trying to help – with a genuine heart-felt thank you and reminder of the difference your contribution is going to make.

E-commerce sites might look into something similar.  

How cool would it be to purchase a handbag and see a video from the up-and-coming designer with a few words about their products and passions, and a genuine thank you for supporting them.

Or how about a B2B site where a video of the president comes up and thanks you for the interest in his or her company and lets the possible lead know when and where someone will be contacting them.

Now, you do have to be careful of load time.  But, especially for women, to get this personal connection right at the point they are spending their money is a great way to turn a transaction into the beginning of a relationship. 

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  1. THANK YOU for a great idea Holly … Video On Your Thank You Page.
    I’m going to do it.
    I just found your site and have spent about an hour already. Such great info – you have created a great resource.

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