Use Twitter As A Commercial Idea Generator

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Moms are funny.  Seriously. I'm talking side-slapping, forehead on your desk, spit-out-your-chardonnay funny.  And they do it without even trying.  Just check out the expression on the woman on the right.

Here's another thing about motherhood – real life is far more wacky and entertaining than fiction.  

And yet, look at ads targeting moms.  They are full of bland, predictable, cliche-filled dribble.  (Tell us how you really feel, Holly)

There's no excuse for it.  Especially now with social media like blogs and Twitter.  Today we talk Twitter, tomorrow – blogs.

Follow moms on Twitter and catalog the commercial ideas

Companies and marketers now have a 24/7 window into real mom moments way better than anything you could possibly make up.

It's called Twitter:

Follow moms and every day take screen shots of the best tweets and file them in your commercial idea folder.  Here's a sample of what's in mine. I dare you to read these and not come up with at least one great commercial idea targeting moms.

We're making a leprechaun trap.

The babe only woke up once last night and he's still sleeping.  Hallelujah!  Taking a victory lap past the coffee pot.

I made fun of having the kindergarten graduation, then I was the sap that cried at it…..sigh.

Son just climbed into suitcase, folded garment flap over and said, "BRING! AWAY!  AIRPLANE!"  (heart breaking)

Baking cake from scratch. Are you all SERIOUS?  Do you even KNOW ME?

Bribing the kids to do their chores.  It's not just a way of life, it's an art form.

It's  1 am.  I SHOULD be asleep by now.  Someone sing me a lullaby.

Designing Women came out on DVD today.  See you in August.

Discussing card topics.  Apparently Hallmark doesn't make a card for, "Sorry for your failed adoption."

Finally learned settings for car windshield wipers. Am now qualified to build my own atom smasher.

Aaaaand – cookie dough stomach ache commencing in 3….2…..1….

New heights of road trip boredom: "Mom, do you want me to read you the list of ingredients in this Chapstick?"

Just received make-up brush I ordered in peanut-filled box big enough for a Harley.  Shipping Department:  1.  Earth:  0.

What's the weirdest thing in your purse right now?  I just pulled out a set of fangs.

Leg pressed 60 pounds for 12 reps this morning.  If anyone needs a Volkswagen lifted off their body today, DM me.

Laundry Day:  Me:  What kind of idiot makes a duvet cover with all these BUTTONS.  Wonderboy age 8:  what kind of idiot buys it?

Folks, you can't make this stuff up.   

Follow moms on Twitter and create a commercial idea folder.   If you REALLY want some great ideas and insight, attend a mom blog conference.  Here's my experience at the first Mom 2.0 summit.

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  1. Thanks for the post.Twitter is a good idea.The ones not on Twitter already will think of joining it after reading this post.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.

  2. Katrina Hase says:

    This is a really original idea for tapping into a target audience’s stream of consciousness. Thanks for the post!

  3. Priceless!!!!!! Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

  4. As Twitter is rolling more changes day by day in the market, they are gaining more publicity and more exposure even in terms of economical stats. “Tweetups” recently launched Adsense program for small business. A tough competition at the end of the day. thanks for the lot of reading..!

  5. Oh MY Goodness– these are priceless– she is always sooo photogenic and I love all the expressions!

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