Truvia – I Have Your Next Marketing Campaign


As many of my fellow marketers know, when you're truly passionate about your subject matter, your marketing brain never turns off.

That's why at the Mom 2.0 Summit, while other people were taking pictures of speakers, attendees and events, I was taking pictures of……trash.

But it was interesting trash.

I've written before about Truvia, a new all natural sweetener on the market.  I'm fascinated by Truvia because it's one of those magical products that can garner natural word of mouth. 

I think the key way to position Truvia is as a healthier, lower calorie substitute than sugar, but without the artificial chemicals of artificial sweeteners.

And there I was in the coffee line at the conference with hundreds of other women, and that's when the trash caught my attention.


It was full of sugar in the raw, and artificial sweeteners.  The regular sugar sat virtually untouched.

Talk about a marketing opportunity

I've talked with Truvia about sending me some samples so that when I'm in these lines with other women (and men) I can pull out my own stash of Truvia to put into my coffee.   It's a natural conversation starter for women. 

"What's that you're putting into your coffee? I've never heard of Truvia."

"Truvia is all natural.  I love it because it doesn't have the calories of sugar, but it doesn't have the chemicals of artificial sweeteners.  It's made from, like, a plant.  Can you believe it?  I love this stuff."
(if they ask about the plant I can tell them it's from the best tasting part of the Stevia leaf, but if I start spewing too much information I'll sound like a goober.)

"How does it taste?"

"To me, it tastes more like regular sugar.  But you don't need nearly as much to get the same effect.  Wanna try some?  I have an extra packet."

I'm telling you – I could see myself having this conversation hundreds of times – in conference coffee lines, at Starbucks, in restaurants.  

Now if you think my promoting Truvia this way is somehow unethical – let me tell you – I LOVE this product.  I think it's the healthy alternative women have been waiting for.  I would proudly be a brand ambassador.   I would love to scratch a notch in my belt for every woman I get off artificial sweeteners.   I hope Truvia will join me on that crusade.

So what do you think Truvia?  Are we on?  Want to partner up?


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  1. Trovia is DA BOMB. I have been using Stevia for about a year and a half now (thanks to my naturopathic doctor) and was so happy to see it was going mainstream. I totally agree with you, Holly. All Trovia would have to do is follow the “free sample” strategy – send packages of Trovia to women across the country – and the campaign would catch fire. Let women do the talking!

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