Three Things Women Can’t Live Without

Woman clutching laptop
New research by Women of NBCU found that the three things women could not live without for one month are:

  • The Internet
  • Showers
  • Sleep

Women's Tech Usage Expands

Results from the Women of NBCU research show women are relying more heavily on technology in their lives.

For example, women have higher ownership rates of smartphones and women are more reliant and comfortable with technology than a year ago.

Illustrating that growing confidence was the fact that 75% of women disagreed with the statement "men are more comfortable with tech than women" and the fact that more women have smartphones than men.

Another example of the importance of tech in women's lives is the finding that both women and men selected the Internet as one of the three things they could not live without for one month.

Sleep also made the top three ranking for both sexes, but there was a gender gap in the third, with women opting for showers and men choosing sex.

Learn more about the Women of NBCU study.

There's a huge opportunity for technology companies to focus their marketing efforts on women. That does not mean painting their products pink or stereotyping women in their ads. But there are subtle changes they can make in their marketing that will help them sell to more women.

Here's a great example of marketing video games to women.

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