Using The Power of Video to Connect with Women

I'm a long time fan of using video online to communicate and connect with women. 

Marti Barletta recently tweeted about a video by Queen Rania of Jordan.  She is using video to reach out to people around the world.

Video is especially powerful because it allows a personal connection that sometimes plain text cannot provide. 

How community sites are using video is a community site for mothers returning to the work force.  They have found that their community members enjoy engaging with video interviews of other celebrity and high profile moms struggling with the same issues they are.

Terry Starr and Bradi Nathan, Co-Founders of set out to bring to life the journeys of a diversified group of Celebrity Moms and Corporate executive moms who share their “work/life” stories.  Butterfly utilizes reality-based, 3 minute; 5-part series webisodes to ensure its members are fully engaged, inspired and mentored.

In turn, these videos aid in building awareness and driving traffic to Along with the Butterfly site, all videos are housed on YouTube!, with links on Twitter and Facebook to name a few.

It's a smart, powerful strategy.  The analytics show women are engaging with videos from moms like Kathie Lee Gifford and Z100's Danielle Monaro.

If you have an online presence and you are targeting women, make sure video is a part of your strategy. 

Here are some more examples of how companies are using video to reach women online.

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2 Responses to Using The Power of Video to Connect with Women

  1. Rosaria says:

    I can’t agree more. Here’a an entertaining YouTube that speaks to The Power of Online Video.

  2. Rose Ector says:

    Yes, going for online videos to reach people can certainly go a long way, when it comes to promotions. Through video posted online, people can be somehow influenced to support a certain cause, product, or service.

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