The Decline of Men – A Guy’s View On Guys

Guy garcia book  One of the thing that's been most fascinating about my research is not only the insight I've gained into women, but also the insight I've gained into men.

This is an absolutley fascinating Ad Age inteview with Guy Garcia about his new book, The Decline of Men: How the American Male Is Tuning Out, Giving Up and Flipping Off His Future.

I can't do it justice other than to say – just go read it.

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2 Responses to The Decline of Men – A Guy’s View On Guys

  1. Kaleem says:

    Moran does write about this. This bit is in relation to Katie Price being caelld a feminist icon because she’s made a lot of money:Women who, in a sexist world, pander to sexism to make their fortune are Vichy France with tits. Are you 32GG, waxed to within an inch of your life and faking orgasms? Then you’re doing business with a decadent and corrupt regime. Calling that a feminist icon is like giving an arms dealer the Nobel Peace Prize. (p. 252)However, putting the blame at the feet of the patriarchy and saying stop it doesn’t get you very far because the patriarchy doesn’t give a shit about what women think. We can yell and scream and rage for decades and nothing will happen. Or we can just start fixing things to make them better for us. Women are the biggest buyers of tabloid magazines, so I think it’s up to women to change them. If enough women (readers and non-readers) start voicing their opposition to the snarky commentary that accompanies the pictures, then they’ll have to back off. Won’t they?

  2. Bouti says:

    The point being, there are different rules of egeegamnnt for men and women as perceived by the media and the public.Ms Gillard would have been run out of town if she behaved like Tony did in Afghanistan.Some men will never get it so the best way to deal with the Sams of this world is to deny them oxygen.Maybe I was making too many points but I get so P .. off with women who stand back and cop it men who make them and the cabbage heads who don’t get it anyway?Is that any clearer?

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