Thanksgiving Traditions

One of the things I love best about the holidays is family traditions.   Almost every family I know has some beloved tradition full of fond memories.   For some it may be a favorite recipe passed down through the generations, or an annual gathering at grandma’s house.

My family has a tradition, too.  We gather together in the bathroom and shoot tequila.  I know, it may sound like kind of a strange tradition – but it has sentimental roots.  A whole horde of people and family had come down one year to share Thanksgiving with me in Virginia.   My sister flew in from LA where she and her husband had just decided to get a divorce.  When I asked her what she wanted to do for the holiday weekend she replied – “sit on the floor in the bathroom and drink tequila”.    

Not wanting to disappoint – I lit candles all through my tiny upstairs bathroom, snuck in a bottle of Patron and two shot glasses, and stole my sister away from the crowd and into the bathroom to shoot tequila.   She sat on the commode, I sat on the bathtub rim and we saluted family and cursed men and poured Patron down our throats.   I actually don’t think I’ve ever felt closer to my sister than at that time.

So now, every Thanksgiving – we grab a bottle of tequila and shot glasses and disappear into a side bathroom and do shots.  We’ve even started inviting a very precious few to join us in this tradition.   If other guests notice we’re missing – a knowing relative will say “they’re probably in the bathroom shooting tequila”.    This usually garners the response  “No – where are they, really”.    At which point the exasperate relative will reply again – “Really – They’re sitting on the toilet going a few rounds with Jose Cuervo – give ‘em a few minutes.  They’ll be back”.

I know there will come a time when the right client will come along and this holiday moment will be turned into a commercial.  It won’t exactly be Hallmark – but surely there’s a liquor or wine maker who could create a touching story of two sisters sneaking away from the holiday crowd and into the bathroom with a bottle of the client’s spirit and two glasses to curse their lives, but count their blessing in each other.  

So many people have a hard time during the holidays- this would be a great way to acknowledge that, but still have it be an uplifting moment. (two sisters bonding).

In a sea of holiday commercial with big parties and happy couples and boisterous laughing gatherings – for the woman who feels lost and little alone – I bet my commercial would be a welcome change. 

Know of any liquor companies looking for a marketing consultant?

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12 Responses to Thanksgiving Traditions

  1. Jinal Shah says:

    What a wonderful idea! If I owned a liquor company, I knew who I’d go to.

  2. Mary Schmidt says:

    Hey, will your family adopt me? And, I can certainly relate. It’s incredibly “non-PC” but sometimes the best/only thing to do is to just sit (on a floor or elsewhere) and get wasted with people who love you. Would be a great commercial – but I don’t think we’d see it on the Hallmark channel 😉

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