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Blissdom ’10 – What I Learned About Women

At this year's Blissdom 10 women blog conference, I think Isabel Kallman summed it up best – "It's not just about sharing information, it's about sharing understanding." That's what women bloggers do – they don't just share information about their lives, … Continue reading

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Can Mom Bloggers Be Bought?

  I was standing in one of the most packed rooms I'd seen at the BlogHer conference.  No, It wasn't one of the famous parties, it was the session titled "Sponsored or Unsponsored - Blogging for $$ – Where Do You Stand?" … Continue reading

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Mom Bloggers – I Want to Interview You at BlogHer

Calling all mom bloggers who are attending BlogHer! I'm going to be doing video interviews with mom bloggers about why they blog.  I'm doing a research project on the subject and I want to talk to you. Leave me a … Continue reading

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Why Some Mom Bloggers Aren’t “Advertiser Approved”

I recently overheard a group of PR folks talking about an online promotion they did with mom bloggers, but how some mom bloggers scare them.  They mentioned one mom blogger who is wide-open in what she says and is known for … Continue reading

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Moms – Why Do You Blog?

If you're a mom, and you're a blogger, I want to talk to you.  There is a reason why mom bloggers are one of the fastest growing, most powerful groups, both online and offline. I want to know that reason … Continue reading

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