NY and LA – Go See Desert Flower

How often do you walk out of a movie theatre and think, "Every person in the world needs to go see this film."

That's exactly how I felt after watching Desert  Flower.  Desert Flower is the story of Somalian-born Waris Dirie. Born as a nomadic goat-herder, she became one of the world's most sought-after top models.  The book Desert Flower sold over 11 million copies.  This story is beautiful, heartbreaking, enlightening, laugh-out-loud funny, inspiring and one scene is so gut-wrenching you won't be able to breath for 15 minutes afterwards. 

Today Desert Flower opens in New York and LA.  If you live on those areas, go see this movie. Seriously. 

For more information, visit the desert flower website.  Be sure to read the Director's Notes from Sherry Hormann.  She shares this story about casting the film.

During the casting for the role of Waris in London, a 40-year old woman from Mali entered the room. I looked at her in disbelief but then, in a friendly tone, the woman began to speak out what I could not bring myself to say. “I am not your Waris, I know, and I’m much too old and I can’t act either.  I work in a factory in Glasgow but I took the day off today and took the train here to tell you how important this film is for Africa.

The film is even more important for women…and the men who love them.



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  1. Nice posting, I like the way how you express yourself. Keep up the good work.

  2. Daniel says:

    I really don’t get the aremngut that being an older parent is harder for women than it is for men.Being pregnant and giving birth CAN be harder if you’re a much older mother. (Pregnancy and birth are the burden of women regardless of age and sometimes age is no indication of how tough you will have it physically speaking.)But that a woman’s age some how makes it harder for her to parent than for a man to parent I call bullshit on that one. I love that line battling mastitis and menopause simultaneously really? I wonder if De Brito realises how stupid and how NOT witty that is. (I read that and heard the folks are dumb where I come from song in my head)

  3. Mehmet says:

    I thought it was good that a man was crcsiiiting the letter, because it’s usually women who have to point out how offensive attitudes like Campbell’s are, and that means our point gets dismissed by quite a few people oh, it’s those angry feminists complaining again. That the letter was fake is irrevelant because it got major news coverage. Whether or not Campbell exists, it was still written by someone having a go at women who dress like sluts and send mixed messages . And Mark Chou’s piece is the only one I saw in response to it.

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