NFL Women’s Apparel Commercial Rocks

It  is so rare that I see a commercial that stops me in my tracks (in a positive way).   The new NFL Women’s Apparel commercial did just that.  It was so different – not a pink jersey in sight.   Hallelujah!

“You’ve got the hearts of lions” – what a great way to sum up the emotion of the commercial.  Women have a HUGE passion for the NFL.   This spot does a great job of tapping into passion, perseverance, attitude, bravado, rebellion, inner strength…..all hallmarks of the NFL and the reason why women relate to it.

I love how it showed women in every role from skateboarder to mom.   And these weren’t docile moms catering to their family’s every whim (like most other commercials).    These were moms you wouldn’t want to mess with.

So bravo to the NFL for talking about the hearts of lions rather than pretty pink colors.    You give me hope.


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