New Social Networking Site For Women 40 Plus


I sometimes worry about myself.  I admitted this in front of my mother and sister and they both gave knowing nods.  "You should."

Gotta love that family support.

The reason I worry is, I don't seem to be interested in what the "average woman" is supposed to be interested in.   I hate women's magazines.  Really – loathe them.  I don't care about celebrities and who they are dating, having children with, cheating on, or why they are going to jail.

All those ads with pouty faced models selling everything from jewelry to designer hand bags- leave me cold. 

So imagine my surprise when I checked out and found it genuinely engaging. is a social network for women in their 40's and up.  Every time I go to the site I find tons of links with interesting articles, discussions and questions. 

With many of the other women focused sites, I'm lucky if I can find one or two links of any interest to me.

So what's different about  

To sum it up, I think the site attracts women who share similar life experiences.  One of the themes I see often is "women at a crossroad."   A lot of us are at a point in our lives where we're starting to really look at where we've been, where we are, and more importantly – where we're going

At this point, we have enough life experience and confidence to know what we want, and the courage to say "I don't care what others think, I'm doing what I know is right for me."

One of my favorite sections is the Q&A section where you can toss out any question and the community will answer it.  Topics range from questions about health, aging parents, finances, and changing careers to would you allow your husband to yell and swear at you to what is your definition of bliss?  I find the questions, and the answers to be incredibly insightful and helpful. 

I've discovered some wonderful blogs through the blog posts, and articles by experts like this one on Internet addiction.   Which I'm sure I don't have.  Really.  As I work on this blog post on Sunday morning.

If you are a fabulous woman who is 40 plus, check out   Tell me what you think.

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4 Responses to New Social Networking Site For Women 40 Plus

  1. tw says:

    Nobody cares about Men, Aaron.

  2. kiaran Finn says:

    Hope I’m not intruding y’all LOL-nice site-just set up a bog site and this site makes me realise I’ve got a ways to go to offer as much to my visitors Thanks for the inspiration! Kiaran

  3. Web today takes much of our free time, for good, of course.
    No matter if we are children, teenagers or adults.
    All social Networks are great – You can learn things, share things and get to know people and places.
    Every social group has to find her corner “in the Internet” for serving the people who may join it, there will always be some suitable for them.

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