Mom Bloggers – I Want to Interview You at BlogHer

Hershey's Kirtsy Party Alertsy!

Calling all mom bloggers who are attending BlogHer!

I'm going to be doing video interviews with mom bloggers about why they blog.  I'm doing a research project on the subject and I want to talk to you.

Leave me a message in the comment field if you're interested, or just look for me at the conference.  I'll be wearing my "Why do moms blog?" T-shirt.  (Yes, I am turning myself into a walking billboard).

Thanks in advance for your participation.  This is a really cool project where I go straight to the horse's mouth – so to speak – to hear from mom bloggers about why you blog, what matters most to you, and how advertisters can do a better job of working with you.  

See you at BlogHer!

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6 Responses to Mom Bloggers – I Want to Interview You at BlogHer

  1. Heathen Mom says:

    I would be happy to chat with you about why I blog. Just send me a tweet @HeathenMom

  2. Kelby says:

    That sounds like fun! Just hunt me down. I’ll be at the Type-A Momfluence party Friday night. (You’ll find quite a few mom bloggers there, too… LOL!)

  3. I would love to talk with you about blogging… @workingmoms

  4. It is indeed a cool project…Thanks for the details.It’s a good topic.

  5. Rajiv says:

    Cree9 a la mame1 visionaria pourqe guarde9 el parecer de las madres que sentedan un poco desconectaron de quie9n eran antes de hacer una mame1. Senteda esa manera tambie9n, queriendo explorar mi propia creatividad y mis pasiones, queriendo encontrar algo hacer conmigo mismo que inspiraba a med.BEAUTIFUL WORDS

  6. I have just read that article ‘Brands for women run by Men’ which you have given and its is really very interesting to read it.I also agree with that question.Thank you for sharing this.

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