Maternity Fashion – Understand Her Deeper Motivations

Maternity_jeans I was going through some old pictures the other day and found some great shots of my mother.   She was a stewardess (yes, back when they were still called "stewardesses") when the jets first started flying.   She wore those great form fitting skirts, blouses, and even the pill box hats.   

In another photo, where she was pregnant, with twins no less, and we were some pretty  honkin’ babies for twins – 15 pounds between the two of us, she was wearing the equivalent of a boy scout pup tent.

Seems back then, the purpose of maternity clothes was to do everything you could to hide the fact that you were pregnant.   

But look at maternity "fashion" today.   Form fitting tops and pants are more and more common.    Some might argue "Well, form fitting is in today."   Trust me, form fitting was in back in my mother’s stewardess days as well, so I don’t think it’s just a fashion thing.

I think something else is going on here….. has a lot of interesting polls.   In one, they ask "While you were pregnant, how did you feel about your body?"

Here were the results:

I could take it or leave it. It didn’t really affect me either way.: (32%)

I hated what my body looked like pregnant! I felt like a house.: (30%)

I loved my voluptuous curves! I felt sexy.: (38%)

Hmm – interesting, the majority loved their sexy new bodies.     Could it be that savvy fashion designers tapped into this deeper understanding and created fashion that allows her to show off, rather than hide, her beautiful round belly?

It’s a great example of how understanding her deeper needs and motivations can give you the kind of insight you need to create delighted customers.   

Is there a deeply held need, motivation, belief that your customers have that you should know about?    Why not ask them?   

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  1. Rocker Mom says:

    This post made me reflect back on the season of Friends where Rachel was pregnant and how she dressed. They put her in the cutest maternity closthes. I remember thinking how I wished I were pregnant again to be able to dress like that.

  2. pashmina says:

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