Marketing to Women Using Email

With all the attention on social media, a tried and true marketing workhorse has been somewhat ignored – email marketing.

But according to a new research study, email marketing is still a valuable marketing tool, especially if you're marketing to women.

M2W e-ssentials reports on a study that finds women are more likely to subscribe to email marketing messages

Key findings of the research by ExactTarget include:

  • Women are more likely than men to sign up for emails in order to obtain deals and promotions (67 percent compared to 57 percent).
  • Millennials (consumers age 15 to 24) are twice as likely to subscribe to email (56 percent) in search of on-going deals as they are to search for deals on Facebook (28 percent).
  • 88 percent of women indicate that promotions have motivated them to subscribe to email marketing messages, compared to 70 percent of men.
  • 65 percent of women have subscribed to email marketing messages in return for a “free” product, compared to 44 percent of men.

So if you're marketing to women, make sure you're still taking advantage of the unique power of email to reach your female customers.

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9 Responses to Marketing to Women Using Email

  1. Thanks for these stats; they provide some helpful insight for the ongoing discussion that we have at Botanical PaperWorks as we strive to connect better with our customers.

  2. Thanks. This re-confirms information I am including in a blog post that I am working on this very moment.

  3. web design says:

    Thanks for the statistics.E-mail marketing is still popular and i am aware of it.Some valuable points to be kept in mind when marketing to woman.

  4. Jeff says:

    Awesome post, Holly. I’ve always wondered why e-mail gets treated like the red-headed step child of marketing, when it so often accounts for a significant chunk of traffic and sales.
    – Jeff

  5. Emily Foshee says:

    Thank you for a very enlightening article. An interesting tidbit of information about your 1st bullet point: “Women are more likely than men to sign up for emails in order to obtain deals and promotions (67 percent compared to 57 percent).” Moms are typically loyal to their favorite brands, and won’t be enticed to try a different item unless they’re presented with a coupon offering a discount greater than 50%, according to a recent survey by Mom Central Consulting. So, while women in general are more likely to sign up for emails to get a “good deal,” moms won’t actually make a purchase by deviating from their favorite brand unless they save at least 50% off the price.
    Great statistics!! Thank you

  6. Thanks for sharing this statistics. E-mail marketing continues to be a valuable marketing tool, something we are forgetting these days.

  7. Thanks for the great statistics. I think a lot of people who would like to take advantage of email marketing get discouraged by the spam laws and disappointing delivery statistics. I think if you use a top notch system to deliver your emails, you’re more likely to be able to tap into the market you’re describing.

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  9. Mumtaz M says:

    This is a great statistics ..really nice to know about this.Thanks for sharing

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