Marketing to Women Through Contests

MasterCard has the right idea when it comes to creating a contest women will love.  In their holiday promotion, they promoted a contest where you can win two identical gifts – one to keep, one to give away.

Here's why this strategy will work especially well with women.   Women are all about relationships.  It's great when they can win a prize.  But if they can share that prize with others, that's even better.

When a guy enters a contest, he might be thinking, "Yup, wait til my buddies see me drive up in this hot set of wheels."    

Women may be thinking something similar.  But they're also thinking, "The kids are going to love carpooling in this car.   And my girlfriends and I can take this on our next road trip."

For guys, it may be about status.  But for women, it may be about social status.  What's the difference?  For men, status is about separating yourself from others.  For women, social status is about making connections with others.

If you really want her to get excited about your contest, allow her to share the prize with others.  Either give away an experience where she can bring several of her best friends or family.   Or, as in the MasterCard example, create a prize that includes multiple quantities so she can keep one and give the other or others away.

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5 Responses to Marketing to Women Through Contests

  1. AdWomen says:

    I totally agree with you. I hope brands continue thinking as a woman when they create spots for women.

  2. Chris Vandecar says:

    Hi Holly – Just to accentuate your point, there is an Ascendancy Award promotion at a women networking site,, created to ‘inspire and recognize women who are ascending professionally and mentoring other women around them’. So the focus is not only where you’ve gone, but who helped you get there. Very nice!

  3. Contest-Gal says:

    Even I don’t have credit now./ encourage me that I must get one..thanks for this contest..and hoping that the MasterCard will introduce more prizes…

  4. Alvareyza says:

    I am so happy for Holly who is my daughter in law! Yes Holly you are stnninug; a wonderful caring Mum. I am so happy that you are getting out and exploring another side of yourself; that is so important and your 4 boys will be so proud of you! with love, always, Linda

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