Marketing to Women Best Super Bowl Commercials 2013

So if there was a drinking game where you had to take a sip for every guy featured in a Super Bowl commercial, you would have been plastered.  If you had to take a sip for every woman featured, especially a woman in the lead, (and not just a sexy distraction) you would have been pretty darn sober.

Except for the beautiful glorious exception of half-time.  Beyonce rocked the house!  I actually think even the band members were all women.  

That said, what were the Marketing to Women best Super Bowl commercials of 2013?

Jeep – Whole Again

At my party there was a spontaneous exclamation after this spot of, "Best commercial of the show."    I think it actually helped that it got the prime spot of airing right after Beyonce.   But this was one of the few commercials that generated genuine emotion and connection.  

BTW – did you notice it was a female voice over?  (which rarely happens)   Was that Oprah?

Best Buy – Amy Poehler

This got one of the  only true laughs of the night.  (The other was the E-Trade baby commercial).   There are two versions of this spot.  I'm not sure which one actually aired, but this one is my favorite.  (Did you catch the washing machine line? LOL!)

Budweiser – Clydesdales – Brotherhood

You just can't go wrong with Clydesdales.

 While the Oreos commercial left me asking, "What the……..", their tweet during the power outage was aweseome. 

"Power out? No Problem. You can still dunk in the dark."

Enough with the stereotypes

So congrats to the winners.   But here's my question to all the advertisers. My party was in agreement that the lot this year was pretty lame….again.   Where was the pure genius?  The amazing creativity?   The utter originality?  

Where was the, "Oh My Gosh.  I wish I had written that" commercial?

Where was the, "I so didn't see that coming" commercial?  

And why does it feel like so many Super Bowl ads are still aimed at teenage boys?  I think that's why the marketing to women winners stood out. 

P.S. While the Audi Prom commercial didn't make the list, there is a brilliant deconstruction of why it was well executed by Jeff Sexton.  Go read this.  Seriously.


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