Marketing to Moms on Facebook Report

Seems everyone today wants to advertise to moms.  But how do you get the attention of and connect with the most busy people on the planet?

A lot of marketers I've talked with feel the answer may lie in social media, especially Facebook.

Kevin Burke and Lisa Finn at Lucid Marketing did a survey to find out how moms feel about advertisers on Facebook.

The study looked at how moms use Facebook as well as delving into how they feel about various forms of marketing on the site.  It also asked for direct feedback on how marketers should connect with them through the site. 

Moms are receptive to advertising on Facebook when it follows their rules

Although moms' primary motivation for being on Facebook is social connection, they are receptive to marketing on the site, as long as it's done in a non-intrusive way and offers them real value.

Three-quarters of moms are fans of at least one company on Facebook, and parenting-specific sites are moms' top picks.  To win with moms on Facebook, marketers should:

  • Develop interactive promotions and ask for mom's opinions
  • Offer coupons, exclusive offers or discounts for fans, and "share with a friend" promotions
  • Be careful not to bombard moms with updates or ads, or to make unrealistic-sounding offers

Lucid Marketing's Moms on Facebook Survey was conducted online in July 2009.  The report includes behavioral and attitudinal data and open-ended feedback on marketing techniques, as well as a marketing playbook for reaching moms on Facebook.

To purchase the full report – $249 USD – go to 



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11 Responses to Marketing to Moms on Facebook Report

  1. Paid Surveys says:

    Advertising for your company through Facebook can indeed be quite effective. In fact I think any social community site can prove to be an effective medium for promoting any product or service.

  2. Like one of the above commenter i too feel that there’s a serious lack of reputable companies using Facebook.Thanks for the details.It was interesting to read about the trend when it comes to moms on Facebook.Look forward to more such posts..thanks again.

  3. SEO Services says:

    At some time or another I have said similar things about Domino’s. The fact that they acknowledge their shortcomings and work to improve them gives me a reason to try them again. I think it’s a smart strategy and it sends a message that they are willing to listen and adapt to my wants.

  4. buy dsi r4 says:

    Its very interesting to know about that survey for mothers.You have given good points for marketers and I completely agree with your points as Facebook is popular now..Thank you very much for such nice post.

  5. Well I think this is a nice way on knowing what are moms point of view. Using facebook for this is great, more people uses them, definitely, you’ll get more feddback on it.

  6. Awesome blog!!! Means what just as I entered the blog I thought there would be something new to know, but now I know what new and how I can increase my business with your useful information. Thanks

  7. Interesting article!!! something I think that facebook has no privacy. I also was facing this problem. But I am glad to be a part of your article.

  8. ffxiv gil says:

    It also asked for direct feedback on how marketers should connect with them through the site.

  9. renamer says:

    Its a great news, ain’t it?

  10. Glenn Evans says:

    Interesting. I can see why discounts and coupons would be enticing to moms, and it’s a very good observation on your part to notice that moms don’t fancy being bombarded by too much advertising.

  11. wow gold says:

    If someone asks “Do i look that stupid”. Then it’s better not to answer.:)

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