Marketing Gifts for Her When He’s Buying

Holiday shopping can be a bit tricky if you're a guy buying female products – like lingerie or lipstick.   Joseph Carrabis has some great advice for marketers who want to help men buy products for her, and  for women who want to buy products for him.  

Imagine a cosmetics commercial that shows a man putting on lipstick. Depending on what follows in that ad, the brightness of the lighting and the colors of the room in which the act occurs, that ad will sprout legs or not. Have the man in a brightly lit, steamy bathroom, towel around his neck, powerful arms and chest showing, hair wet and tussled as if just from a shower and the consumer is greatly confused.

Have him do a bad job of putting on the lipstick, then turning to his wife who's sitting on the tub rim watching him, hiding her laughter poorly and him saying, "You're right. This is tougher than shaving" and trust me, you've sold that lipstick to both genders. It'll fly off the shelves.

There are some great examples and some sound advice that will help you create winning ads this holiday season and throughout the year.  Read the full article.

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  1. Holly,
    Thanks for the nod. I do think that’s one of my better posts on gender-based marketing, so thanks for acknowledging it.
    Let me know if I can do more or other for you and your readers.

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  3. I have just read that article ‘Brands for women run by Men’ which you have given and its is really very interesting to read it.I also agree with that question.Thank you for sharing this.

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