Is Marketing to Women a Strategy or a Tactic?

If women are a portion of your target audience, should you create a separate marketing effort directly targeting women only?  Or should you have a company-wide strategy to appeal to women in everything you do?  

Great question.

Visit the Be Branded blog to get my answer to:  Marketing to Women – Tactic or Company-Wide Strategy?

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3 Responses to Is Marketing to Women a Strategy or a Tactic?

  1. I have built a successful web design business for over ten years based on the premise that all online consumer marketing is first and foremost marketing to women. Most consumer decisions in the family are made by women or heavily influenced by women, so it makes sense that consumer oriented web sites have a strong appeal to women. I would be delighted to see what you think of my work (and its appeal). You can find my web design portfolio at

  2. I have just checked that link which you have given for marketing to a woman is really interesting to read it.I fee that sometimes it is a strategy.

  3. Regan Marye says:

    It depends on what you are really getting into. I can do a separate marketing plan for them if the product or service is solely for them but if it can be both for men and women here in Jacksonville. It would be more practical to have strategies and tactics covering them at the same time. Nut in a web design company I guess it is perfect to have them both in the plan, since the intention is to raise awareness.

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