Insight Into How Moms Think

What do moms think?   Seriously.  What goes on in their heads?   I have read studies upon studies about moms.   I’ve learned about Soccer Moms, Super Moms, Security Moms, Hot Moms, Alpha Moms, Beta Moms, Helicopter Moms.

Marketers are desperate to pigeon-hole moms into easily understood categories or labels.   But I’ve found if you really want to understand moms – you need to just talk to them.  You need to listen to their stories.

In this series – "Motherhood Made Me…More Than a Mother,"  Redbook profiles seven moms.  They each tell their story in their own words.   I found I gained quite a bit of insight.  Perhaps you will, too.

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2 Responses to Insight Into How Moms Think

  1. Nurse says:

    0Several of my aunts gave me things I didn’t think about nedeing. Like one aunt gave me our pack n play which we registered for but also got us sheets to go with it which we didn’t. It didn’t even occur to me that I would need those! We also got several hand made blankets and an adorable step stool one of my aunts painted. Hand made stuff is always nice, to me at least. Also small frames and magnetic frames were nice because they were perfect for my desk at work.One thing I wish I had thought of was I registered a lot of newborn and 0-3 month cloths but not a lot in bigger sizes. To me newborn sized cloths were useless, my daughter outgrew them inside 2 months, most of them she’d worn maybe twice before they were too small. And by the time my daughter was 3 months I was frantically buying a boat load of cloths. Thank goodness there were several church rummage sales in my area at that time or I would have gone broke! So, the cloths I got in bigger sizes were a God send. I wish I had registered for more.

  2. Priya says:

    0I agree, Gift Cards! bc you can buy anything you need that you didn’t get at your baby shewor. We received alot of Gift Cards they were very helpfull! The Gift that I loved the most was a Hello Kitty Diaper Cake that my mom made for me. I loved it. It was so pretty that I didn’t even want to use the diapers lol. She is very creative.I am sure your friend will appreciate anything you get her though.

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