How Your Customers Really Feel About Your Ads

So – you’ve spent a lot of time and effort on your marketing campaign.   You think you’re really connecting with your customers.  You’re speaking their language, talking about what they care about.   

So why aren’t you seeing the results you want?   Perhaps, just perhaps, the conversation isn’t going as well as you think it is.

Check out this video for a reality check. 

And be sure to check out a post from The Grok with laugh out loud videos that ask the question "what if offline shopping was as cruel and difficult as buying online"

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2 Responses to How Your Customers Really Feel About Your Ads

  1. That’s great – I found “The Breakup” a few weeks ago and added it to the beginning of my presentation! But those e-commerce videos are terrific… fantastic way to make a VERY important point!

  2. Lip-Sticking says:

    The Break Up: Marketing to Women with video

    Thanks to my good friend, Holly, over at the marketing to women online blog, this video aptly titled, Bring the Love Back, came to my attention and I had to share. Do you see yourself in this scenario? Are you really marketing to women effectively? The…

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