How to Sell Garden Center Products to Women

Selling garden center products to women 
I love garden centers.  I love to just walk in, enjoy the wonderful smells, and talk to the staff who are, invariably, nice people.

I also love garden center shows.  Many of my favorite speaking engagements are at garden center conferences.  Last year I spoke to the OFA Association of Horticulture Professionals about selling to women.  Here's a short video with some tips on how to sell garden center products to women.

I talk about how women have more connections between the right and left hemisphere of their brains. Men, with their more compartmentalized brains, may be more focused on buying one specific thing.  Women are looking for complete solutions.

Watch the video to learn what turns women shoppers on and off, and how you can actually increase the average order with better listening skills. 


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7 Responses to How to Sell Garden Center Products to Women

  1. Great post! I was just shopping online for my spring gardening (planters, etc.) this past weekend. I haven’t made it to the garden center yet, as that will take place in a few months when the actual plants start showing up, but as a female and mass affluent buyer, your video tips are right on.

  2. The video tips are definitely helpful in what might be called as the encyclopedia on what to buy for women.:) Great post. Thanks.

  3. women supras says:

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  4. Jamie Keifer says:

    My mom is into everything about gardening. She actually spends more time in her little garden with her grandkids. Hehehe. Ahhh, yes, there are times when a person tends to select and collect, pretty much like when buying shoes and purses.

  5. vos regards artical comme le goût des aliments si délicieux, beaucoup d’informations est très utile pour moi. merci

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