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I'm always looking for websites that include elements that engage women. is a personal financial and business advice site for women. Here's what is doing to connect with their female visitors.

Daily emails

The main service offers is a daily email:

Our emails provide money-related and professional advice in simple, sassy servings.

A short digestible daily email is perfect for today's time-starved woman. 

Women-friendly design

The site uses bold colors including yellow, purple and pink.  And it has a simple, clean design with good use of white space.   All of these design elements have been proven to be persuasive for women.  Amanda Steinberg, founder of says the site was designed to have a bold, modern, proud look that represents their bold, modern, proud readers.  

Clear directions

Dailyworth home page

OK, I'll give you two guesses as to the main action visitors should take on the site.  Figured it out yet?  Yup, it's to sign up for the daily emails.  The site doesn't make women look for the main call to action element on a side panel or below the fold – it is the strongest element on the home page. 


Amanda Steinberg started the site because "women need to know what they're worth."  Everything about the site from the design to the copy is created to "speak up to women, not down." 

She makes sure everyone from the writers to the designers is on the same page by creating a site character or persona.  Here's just a snipet of her character Kali Cambio:

She recently left a large corporate accounting firm to start her own bookkeeping company. To work, she wears pants suits, her long black hair swept back in a pony tail, and high heels. She finds her first 3 clients quickly after attended a networking event for women business owners. She exudes confidence, joy and determination.

If you're wondering about the unusual name – it was chosen for a reason:

Kali is the Hindu goddess of power and change. Also "destruction in the name of good." She's worshiped in black magic circles. Thought that was fitting. Cambio is italian for change.

I don't know about you, but this sounds like a woman I'd like to hang out with. Having this character/persona in mind is a valuable gut-check for anyone working on the site to make sure they're keeping the content smart, interesting, and "speaking up" to this character and thus, the audience.

Great job of creating a website for women.

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14 Responses to How To Create Websites for Women –

  1. Nice to know about a website dedicated to women.Did not hear about anything like this before.Good post.Look forward to more such stuff from you guys.

  2. Maryana says:

    Design is very similar to that of Hallmark..The font seems to be the same one.

  3. I am relatively new to marketing to women. I recently decided
    to go into the greeting card business and my studies indicate that 80 percent of greeting cards / gifts purchased are by women. I guess that leave me a sappy hopeless romantic guy in the minority. (I’m ok with that… really) I am seeking help to effectively communicate my business,, an online internet business to promote the sending of Real
    greeting cards. With a click and send one can send and pick from a catalog of thousands of real greeting cards/postcards/and cards with your own pictures added!

  4. ruti litwin says:

    thanks .. great informatiom.
    i am planning to create a website for older women . i am a therapist gerontologist specializing in adult women issues.
    i have my private clinic yet am very motivated to start marketing and blogging. would appreciate your advise. thanks ruti

  5. Holly Buchanan says:

    There’s a great new book out called Dot Boom – by David Weigelt and Jonathan Boehman. It’s all about marketing to boomers and the older generation online. I think you’ll find lots of good information that will help with your venture.

  6. I personally like the design. It does have a distinct feminine appearance to it but still very modern and appealing to all website visitors. It speaks of a woman in the working field in my opinion more than it does to a stay at home mother. It has something to do with the woman in a business coat. I like it! 🙂

  7. Many women want to have a web presence not just for the name sake but to use their free time to spend productively. Many are eager to start a business website. A recent survey has indicated that many working women prefer to stay at home if they can replace their job income through online business.

  8. John Baldwin says:

    I don’t have any standards about websites and services that aim for the feminine audience but I have to admit that the development of DailyWorth is quite outstanding! It’s actually a great way to reach out to women whose spirits need to be uplifted! I wonder if they’re implementing this on a popular social network site anytime soon.

  9. Well, I think most women will be interested in this because this blog is really created for them! Women will be inspired in building their own website just by reading this! Great info and great job in laying this out! Super cool stuff!

  10. Glenn Evans says:

    It’s all about the content. It’s the voice that the people will hear, and it must be populated with the info that can influence and interest them. If you’re aiming for a female audience, then make content that would engage women. Of course, it’s easier said than done sometimes, but it’s the best way to go about things.

  11. Focussing on the particular niche is a very important issue when it comes to designing a website. An online business must cater for the needs and wishes of its audience, and as you have rightfully pointed out, Dailyworth does just does in the finance sector. I tend to agree with you that the design of the website is very women-friendly, including the colours used and the graphics. The idea of providing a daily digest email is very good and this is done by many websites nowadays, as few people have extra time on their hands to read through all articles on websites.

  12. This information is so good. Thank you!

  13. Most women want interaction between fellow website visitors. This is a chance for them to exchange ideas and information relevant to their families and their lifestyle. Adding forums and feedback pages would encourage women to frequently visit the site!

  14. Max Nilsen says:

    The female consumer segment is still a big group. If you want your website to be effective, you still need to identify the type of women you want to target and design your website based on their insights. If you aim to invite more family oriented women, you may want to add more home related topics to your website. Tanisha is also right, a feedback section is really helpful.

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