How Big Companies Buy Like Women Teleconference

The whale hunters
Want to close more business with more big companies? Think like a woman. It may sound counter-intutiive, but big companies buy more like women than men.

I've done a lot of research on the B2B sales and buying process. I noticed amazing similarities in how businesses buy and how women buy.

I'll be talking about this with B2B expert Barbara Weaver Smith, president and founder of The Whale Hunters in a free teleconference.

Join us Wednesday, June 15, for this free teleconference. 9 am Pacific (and Arizona); 10 am Mountain; 11 am Central, 12 noon Eastern. Get more information and register now.


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11 Responses to How Big Companies Buy Like Women Teleconference

  1. I’m sorry I missed this! I just saw this blog post, and it sounds so interesting. Do you know whether they recorded the call and will be posting a link to it anywhere online?

  2. Holly Buchanan says:

    Sorry you missed it. It was interesting. Barbara had great questions as did the audience.
    The call was recorded. I’ll keep you updated on when it’s available with a follow up blog post right here.

  3. Macey Prange says:

    Actually, it seems logical to think like a woman when you want do business with big companies. It’s a marketing strategy for some companies to send their prettiest employee to close the deal, male executives tend to be more lenient and nice to females. That’s according to the statistic and not my personal opinion, haha. I wish I could watch the teleconference. I think it’s very valuable for business people like me.

  4. plumbing says:

    I agree to Macey. When it comes to women, men find it hard to say no.

  5. essay writer says:

    True, women are the key to success in persuading your clients, especially if the she is not only pretty, but also smart.

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  9. Joahna says:

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  10. MhamAy says:

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  11. The statastics dont lie and boomer women have been known to make up a significant portion of the business in a number of the accounting firms in which we have delt with.

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