Help Women Spread Word of Mouth on Your Website

One of the great things about marketing to women is their natural tendency to spread word of mouth.

Here's a specific example of an element you can add to your website to help women spread the word about your fabulous products.

Revival Soy lets customers send free samples to their friends

Revival Soy is getting a lot of value out of their order confirmation page.  They use this page as an opportunity to ask customers to send free samples to their friends.

Revival Soy - free sample  

Customers are encouraged to enter their friends' names and email addresses so Revival Soy can send them a coupon for a free sample.

What Revival Soy does right

  • They use benefit oriented copy.   The verbiage states "MAKE GOOD HEALTH CONTAGIOUS by sending a FREE sample of Revival Soy."
  • They make it very clear that the offer includes free shipping and no obligation.

What Revival Soy could improve

  • It's not clear exactly how their friends' email addresses will be used in the future.  Adding verbiage that states that Revival Soy respects their friends' privacy with a link to exactly how the addresses will be used would help address her concerns about coughing up her friends' personal information.

Overall, great job of providing tools to help your women customers spread word of mouth.

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3 Responses to Help Women Spread Word of Mouth on Your Website

  1. cindy says:

    As a new entrepreneur marketing to women and past marketing executive for a company heavily reliant on loyalty, I would add that providing an incentive to share information. We called it Member get a Member. Basically you and your friend will get some type of discount if you refer them to my business.

  2. Oh MY Goodness– these are priceless– she is always sooo photogenic and I love all the expressions!

  3. Vicky says:

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