Halloween and The Future Of Women’s Leadership

Sag harbor halloween parade 
You're probably wondering what Halloween has to do with the future of women's leadership.  But I saw something today that gave me tremendous hope for the future and the role women will take in shaping it.

I'm often asked to speak to women's groups – women business owners, women in the finance industry and women in corporate management.  A question everyone asks is,"What will the future hold?  Will we see more women in leadership positions?  And how do we get there?"

My answer is, we will see more women in leadership roles.  All generations will contribute to the progress.

The Boomer women continue to pave the way, creating new opportunities, new attitudes and taking unprecedented control over their own lives.

Younger women are benefiting from programs like Title IX, and changing mind sets.  They're tackling the world with the attitude that everything boys can do, girls can do, too. 

But it's the youngest generation and their role that struck me today at the Halloween parade.  I watched three young girls walk arm in arm down the street.  One was the female Neytiri from Avatar, one was a princess, and one was a SWAT team member.

This image resonated so strongly with me because it represents a true shift.  A young girl can grow up believing she can be anything she wants to be. 

She can be an alien with super powers and an unrelenting drive to save her people and her world.

She can be a princess granting wishes, living in a world of pink, and beautiful dreams and magical possibilities.

Or she can be on a SWAT team, kicking ass and taking down the bad guys. 

Watching these three girls walking down the street, linked arm in arm, gave me hope.  When we can be our authentic selves, we celebrate not only our common aims, but our differences and the unique voice we all bring to the table.   I truly believe women (and men) working together are going to change the world…one avatar, one princess and one SWAT team member at a time.



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6 Responses to Halloween and The Future Of Women’s Leadership

  1. I agree! Women can also be great leaders too and we can make great contribution to make remarkable change in the world.

  2. Love it! (I hate to admit it, but when I was little, I really wanted to be Zorro one year. My mother went for it, though, and I had a pretty nice Zorro costume!)

  3. This article raised some excellent points and comments I had not thought of or considered before. Something to think about, consider and ponder on. Women make great leaders.Thanks very much.

  4. A girl can grow up to believe he can be what she wants to be. I believe women, working together, changing the world an avatar, a princess and a SWAT team member at a time.

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  6. Sujitra says:

    @Novaseeker – Sure, if you insist.Women demdeand equality and the resultant societal changes have outstripped their wildest dreams. We’re in the midst of what may eventually be a nearly complete sexual role-reversal, at least for a significant minority of both men and women. For women, particularly the educated class, well they’re just going to have to accept what men were forced to accept for centuries: there are going to be few equals of the opposite sex for you to choose from so compete bitterly for those that exist, accept a mate who is your lesser, trade your wealth for their youth & beauty or learn enjoy your life alone. I, for one, welcome women to this arena … let the games begin.The most surprising change to me is not that in women, women’s attitudes towards men, or of society’s denigration of men and elevation of women but of the attitudes of men themselves. Men are, increasingly, in need of a big group hug and a shoulder to cry on. This, self-feminization (?), is just plain odd. Men, to me, seem increasingly distraught, emotional, and unable to cope with the new realities. Hasn’t that been the male stereotype of women for centuries now? Society is oppressing & denigrating men but men now respond like … women? Weird, or “grow a pair” if you prefer.For those men who have been paying attention and playing along there may never have been a better time to be a man. Perhaps not if you’re the sort that nearly flunked out of high school and believes that the ability to drink the better part of a case of beer at one sitting is a marketable skill but for those with some ambition, drive and ability the market is literally forcing men out of their traditional career roles and into more entrepreneurial endeavors. Thanks to women who view you as their lesser and a traditional job market that will abuse, ignore & belittle you, you may now devote your time and resources to developing a business of your own rather than dragging along the deadweight of a mate and her larva. If you’re any good at it you’ll be financially much better off in the long run and the next paragraph will become relevant to you.Young beautiful women no longer demand a commitment, or for that matter that you buy them dinner, before they will sleep with you. I doubt it if has ever been easier for those men so-inclined to find a much younger woman willing to bed them while giving nothing in return. Again: what, precisely, is the down side for men here?Shrieking harpies like Ms. Downtain (well she’s probably a shrieking harpy) have never been easier to identify and avoid. That sort is increasingly doing precisely what she appears to have done: self-selecting themselves out of the mating pool. Those that have not (yet) followed suit are so easy to spot that they might as well have flashing neon lights floating above their heads. This is a wonderfully positive development for men because the odds of inadvertently winding up with one of these creatures are exponentially longer than they were a generation ago. But if you’re one of the new-style glutton-for-punishment males: go for it, those fish are literally jumping into the boat. I see no negatives for men there.

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