Get A New Attiturd

So I'm doing a presentation, really trying to impress this client.  And I'm talking about how women have "an attitude toward" something.

Well, it was late in the afternoon and I hadn't had my protein snack, and the lips got a little lazy.  So instead of "attitude toward", it came out "atti-turd."

Now, the smart, professional thing to do would have been to keep going and not let my little slip-up stop me from continuing my presentation. But did I glide over my little slip and keep going? 

No.  I burst out laughing.   "Atti-turd.  HA HA HA! "  

Not only did I say the word "turd" I was now guffawing about it.  

Looking back on it now, I would have done exactly the same thing.   True – I messed up.  I slurred my words and said turd.   I could have pretended it didn't happen, not acknowledged it, and kept going.

But here's the thing.   The client heard it.   I know the client heard it.   I figured, better to acknowledge  my mistake now, tackle whatever backlash there would be, then move on.   The client laughed along with me – gave me some much deserved ribbing, then we continued on with the presentation.

There's a lesson here, and not just about proper annunciation.   When we deal with clients or customers, the worst thing we can do is to ignore or try to hide a problem or mistake.  One of the quickest ways to kill a company or brand is to lack transparency. 

Acknowledge the elephant in the room.  Admit to the mistake.  Address the objection head-on.   This is especially important with women. 

I've seen salesmen (male and female) try to gloss over minor mistakes.  BIG mistake.  She may take that as a trend.   Owning up to a mistake and being transparent is one of the best ways to gain her trust. 

Women aren't as concerned with how "professional" you are – they are concerned with how "trustworthy" you are. 

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5 Responses to Get A New Attiturd

  1. Tara B. says:

    Great post! and soooo true… Just be Yourself! that’s exactly what i would have done as well…there’s always room for a little laugh. ♥

  2. I absolutely agree with “Women aren’t as concerned with how “professional” you are – they are concerned with how “trustworthy” you are.” Sometimes you just have to “connect” with your client in the most honest and humane way possible. Wearing your sales hat doesn’t work everytime; the more you try to make your client feel comfortable (by sounding honest and genuine), the more she’ll open up with you and let you do your job.

  3. Amber says:

    I love that-“concerned with how ‘trustworthy’ you are.” That rings so true for me and my experiences. Thanks for sharing something so personal so we can all learn!

  4. Laura Posey says:

    I had a “moment” the other day, too, when my teleseminar software decided at minute 33 of 90 to stop broadcasting me to my audience. I got a flood of emails while I was babbling on to no one. We spent 5 minutes together working on a fix and couldn’t get it to work. The end result was everyone got a refund, another date/time to do it again and a year’s worth of free teleseminars as an “I’m sorry.” I think they are excited that I might screw up again 🙂

  5. Leo says:

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