Father’s Day – Hug Your Dad

I think it was the Doozy Greeting Card email that finally got to me.  They were promoting their new cute electronic Father’s Day cards.   I felt my facade start to crumble.   Dad was such a sucker for cards.  Every holiday we’d get one present and, like, 27 cards from him.

At least twice I’ve heard Father’s Day commercials and went – Shoot!  I haven’t gotten anything yet.   Then I remember he’s not here anymore.   He was bedridden much of end of his life, and I never really knew what to get him other than than music and designer pajamas.   

I know designer pajamas may have seemed a little extravagant.  No one really ever saw him except the family and an occasional caretaker.   But I just felt the guy deserved high quality PJ’s.   We always told him how handsome they made him look and that always got a smile out of him.   (I know no brand wants to be associated with bedridden older men, but I still think there’s a great commercial here somewhere).   

Why is it that you just don’t see many commercials with 80 year olds unless it’s some sort of retirement community or medical service?    I associate such positive images with my 80 something father.   We shared so much humor – truly.   He was joking with us right up to the very end.   

I’ll never forget, in his last hospital stay, he was really out of it, mumbling incoherently, when he suddenly looked up at my sister and me and said, "Do you need money?"

What a dad.

I hope if yours is still around you give him a big hug, a funny card, and tell him he looks handsome. 

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2 Responses to Father’s Day – Hug Your Dad

  1. Toby says:

    Holly – Lovely piece. My dad died several years ago but it seems like yesterday and yet a life time ago. Your post brought smiles and a few sighs. Thanks.

  2. Lisa says:

    I still have my dad, but as he gets older I truly appreciate every moment I see him – even though he still picks on me about who I voted for in 1992!
    Thank you for sharing such warm moments. I work with seniors and I think you are dead on about marketing. Great idea.

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