Email Marketing An Hour a Day – Book Review

Email marketing an hour a dayWhenever folks ask me about marketing to women online, they always ask about email.

Everyone knows email is a powerful way to communicate with current or prospective customers, but there are a lot of questions about when, how often and what to say in those emails correspondences.

I was fortunate to sit down recently with Jeanniey Mullen, co-author of Email Marketing An Hour A Day.

For starters, the book is full of information for everyone from first timers to seasoned professionals.   It covers all the basics plus some of the more complicated technical requirements.   

I asked Jeanniey specifically about email and marketing to women. She had some great insights.

One of the biggest mistakes she sees business owners make is that they get frustrated when they don't see immediate results with the first email.  You can't just send out one blast.  Email is all about building relationships.  This is especially important with women. 

Plan your correspondence – start with a welcome email.   Send out at least 3 emails in the first 90 days.   You've just started a conversation – don't start one then walk away not to continue it. 

Don't communicate with her only when you want something from her.  If your business is seasonal, communicate in the off season as well.   I've found this to be true for myself.  The ski resorts and flower companies that send me emails in the off-peak times build up a relationship, so when it does come time to use them, they are top of mind.

Send emails to her at the time she is making her plans.   For example, when is she most likely to be making her weekend plans?   Thursday?  Friday?  That's the time when you send out your email about your restaurant or movie theater.

Email Marketing An Hour A Day also has some great advice on how to send the right email during each stage of the buying process. 

Another piece of great advice is in how much information you ask when you ask someone to sign up.  Don't ask for too much information up front. Get the bare minimum of what you need, then get the rest of the information later through polling and survey questions. 

One final thought about the book – the "Subject lines do's and don'ts" are worth the price of the book.

As for a final thought on my conversation with Jeanniey Mullen – rules for good email communication are rules for good relationships.  

  • Don't start a conversation then walk away – stay in touch, but don't call too often, either.
  • Ask for permission first – don't automatically opt-her in.  (FYI – if someone gives you a business card, that is NOT permission to add them to your email list)

  • Be brief, but clear.  Be as clear as you can be in your subject line about what the email is about, then use the rest of the email to expand.   

  • Don't expect big results right away.  Let your relationship grow, especially if she does not know you (is not familiar with your brand). 

  • Your email conversation will have a huge impact on how she feels about your company.  90% of readers will use email to engage in and determine the value of a relationship with a company. 

So, utilize the power of email for your company or product, but be sure to read Email Marketing An Hour A Day first.   I learned so many valuable do's and don'ts.  I think you will, too.


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13 Responses to Email Marketing An Hour a Day – Book Review

  1. good job done
    keep it coming

  2. Nancy says:

    Good information. I am getting this book. Thanks.

  3. Rachel says:

    I agree, email marketing has to have an etiquette in order to fulfill its purpose, which is to get the attention of the person is being targeted to. Usually people sen an email and never do a follow up, big mistake ,by doing so you might be loosing a customer. Also it is important to be patient, Rome was not built in a day, wait a couple of weeks, then do a follow email and wait. The book review is an excellent source of information. Thanks

  4. Good stuff! While doing business with the mail, you must be “a friend” and not getting too commercial. It’s all a question of time, design and words. Don’t underestimate those stuff!

  5. You’ve really hit the nail on the head here.
    Email marketing is all about building relationships. Who makes a better customer/client, someone you’ve only had contact with once, or someone who feels like they know you from your emails?
    Repeated, considerate, respectful, value-providing emails will make a real lasting difference.

  6. Using email marketing to build and maintain relationships works great for affiliate marketing. It also works great for network marketing. We should be doing both at the same time!

  7. Email is a powerful way to communicate with customers. Email marketing can be used to improve the Buisness and to gain new customers. E-mail marketing is the advertisement of a product, service, or brand through electronic mail.

  8. Jeanniey’s point about timing is really important, but it doesn’t just apply to time of year or even time of week. Time of day matters a lot too: either time your email to just before your customers are likely to check their email, or time it to the very early morning to increase deliverability. Some email marketing programs even offer timing optimization by analyzing the open-rate at various times and choosing whatever works best.

  9. If you want to learn more about Email marketing, then it is your time to provide an Ebook to know the advantage and disadvantage of email marketing in business and website.

  10. Compete: Du har som i en liten ask alla sett dem klibbig tvlingar fr att vinna en gratis IPAD eller vad som helst.
    se filmer gratis på nätet
    Ok, uts det r ganska skrppost, men ngon verkligen utgr vinna dessa skyldig, bes varfr inte du? Mnga gr en snygg kassa inkomster genom att skattskriva dessa tvlingar, det tar lite tid med om du vinner ett pris kan det vara vldigt nice.

  11. This trend will continue and I predict that eMail will remain popular mostly for business communications but will otherwise decline drastically, within the next 3 years. I kind of pointed in this direction in a blog post in October 2008 “eMail is for old people’. Now just wait until the Google Wave hits!

  12. sales leads says:

    As a regular e-mail user, whenever I receive an interesting mail design I pay much more attention to what it says or what it’s trying to sell.

  13. list broker says:

    If the idea of starting an email marketing campaign overwhelms you, the authors of Email Marketing: An Hour a Day will introduce you to email marketing basics, demonstrate how to manage details and describe how you can track and measure results. Case studies, step-by-step guides, checklists, quizzes and hands-on tutorials will help you execute an email marketing campaign in just one hour a day.

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