Does Revlon Have Its Head In The Sand

So often I see companies try to save mediocre products with stellar marketing.   How sad is it to see a really awesome product with less than stellar marketing or company backing.   

Revlon’s Vital Radiance was just such a product.   Check out Michele Miller’s blog about the strong reaction from her readers (can you say 93 comments and counting?)   Michele says:

Revlon has the making of a customer Evangelist situation

And yet the product line has been discontinued.   Read the full post.   (and tell me that picture isn’t laugh out loud funny)

With the right product and the right message – you really can do amazing things.    Dove’s "Evolution" won the most prestigious award in advertising, the Grand Prix for viral marketing at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

I’m not a big fan of advertising awards.  I’ve seen to many "creative" ads that don’t sell a thing win.  But the huge buzz "Evolution" created gives me hope that relevancy and authenticity will indeed win the day. 

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