Do Women Respond to Authentic or Aspirational Marketing

I love talking with Tony Fannin at BeBranded.   He always provides interesting insight and asks great questions.

His question to me this week was, "When it comes to marketing to women, does aspirational marketing work?"  

You can find my answer here:  Marketing to Women:  Aspirational Vs. Authentic.

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5 Responses to Do Women Respond to Authentic or Aspirational Marketing

  1. Wow..the post on Marketing to Women: Aspirational Vs. Authentic was damn good. Loved the debate. My vote would have also gone to “authentic” and i fully agree with what you have said in support of that.

  2. What an insightful post. I also like to share something I’ve learned from you and something I have observed from women who succeed in their chosen business. Women can also compete in business marketing, either online or in the common type of marketing. As what your post says, women are aspirational that they tend to look for a better version of themselves that they feel reachable. In fact, there are lots of successful lady entrepreneurs who mark the world with their legacy. Some are successful in online marketing, others have experienced triumph in foreign exchange trade. I strongly believe that women can stand out in whatever type of business she chose. And business world are not just made for male traders, women can give their best shot too.

  3. Seo Agency says:

    It depends on the woman; it;s not like there is one technique that will work on ALL women. And in regards to using a model that is “slightly better than herself”, I found that a bit insulting. I happen to be a size 00 and quite attractive, so a model with a six pack would not be intimidating to me whatsoever. I have very high standards for myself and I would rather see extremely attractive people/models in ads than average. I don’t consider myself average.

  4. The statastics dont lie and boomer women have been known to make up a significant portion of the business in a number of the accounting firms in which we have delt with.

  5. Basma says:

    What fun to read the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say. I discovered Internet Cafe Devotions tgurohh Penny Raine and a Word-Filled Wednesday post. What a joy it’s been for the past year + to join in with y’all for those. They encourage me as I create them and I’m excited to see God working in the lives of so many of us both participants and visitors. And that’s just ONE day of what y’all do. Isn’t God AWESOME! Thanks again for sharing your beginnings with us AND for all your hard work doing all this.

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