Differences in How Men and Women Shop Online

online shopping habits of men and women

We’ve known for a long time that men and women don’t have the same online shopping patterns.  With all of the data available today, companies are trying to figure out what those specific differences are, and more importantly, how they can create an experience that delights both male and female online shoppers.

A new report by Ecommerce Platforms compares men and women side by side. This infographic – men vs. women’s online shopping habits produced by Ecommerce Platforms, shows online store owners the strong variations in how men and women shop online.

Men and women online shopping behavior

Men and women online shopping behavior

To start, female shoppers are more selective and more likely to buy a product that fits all of their requirements. On the other hand, male shoppers tend to stop shopping after they find the first workable product. What does this tell you about your online strategy? Do you need more customer support channels for your female buyers? Is it possible to convince male shoppers to buy a little quicker?

Even the simple fact that female shoppers are more responsive to marketing emails is enough to show that maybe your monthly newsletter should have more of a feminine take.

The infographic also points out that women shop based on future need while men shop based on current need.   Are you talking about your product’s longevity or warranty up front, not just as an after thought?  For example, smart car companies talk about having a high resale value, like this Subaru commercial.

I would also add from my own research that choosing engaging images is critical to your success.   Make sure you aren’t stereotyping women in your ads.  See if your ads can pass The Buchanan Test.

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