Di Modolo and Tea Leoni

I was going for an overdue pedicure, and, in my rush, did not bring anything to read.  This meant I was stuck with the dreaded pile of women’s magazines.   I’m not a fan of these magazines, but bravely picked up a one inch think edition and started leafing through hundreds of ads for fashionable clothing, jewelry, and beauty products.   

I have a problem with some of these ads.  It’s the models.   I’m sorry but, really, tell me, do you find this look attractive?


Call me crazy, but I don’t see a beautiful fashion model, I see a raccoon with a heroin addiction.    But I guess that’s just me.

Anyway, one ad totally caught me by surprise.  It was an ad for Di Modolo featuring Tea Leoni.   the ad was basically a salute to Tea’s work with UNICEF.   


Wow – a normal looking Tea Leoni, smiling, and copy that says:

We admire and salute Tea Leoni’s dedication to UNICEF, a charity close to her and her family’s heart.  As a mother, actress and humanitarian, Tea continues to inspire and motivate us all.

Di Modolo officially made it onto my radar screen.   And I guarantee I’m not the only one who’s added Di Modolo to my "brands to look for" list.

Andrea Learned writes about the 20% rise in cause marketing this year.

  • Cause-marketing spending will rise 20.5% this year to $1.34 billion (from $1.11 billion last year).
  • The projected increase makes cause marketing the fastest growing segment of sponsorship.

As William Chipps, senior editor of IEG Sponsorship Report, said in a statement upon release of the research, "Companies are realizing the powerful marketing benefits that can be gleaned from nonprofit affiliations."

Let me add my own emphasis to that statement:

Companies (should be) realizing the powerful marketing (to women ) benefits that can be gleaned from nonprofit affiliations.

Amen Andrea.

Karen Barnes at Womentum blog also noticed the Di Modolo ad.  Hmmmm – I think they’re on to something here.    

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3 Responses to Di Modolo and Tea Leoni

  1. Mary Schmidt says:

    Great minds and all that! I too noticed the Leoni ad and thought, hmmmm…have to keep that brand in mind. I’ve always liked Tea Leoni (at least the persona I surmise from her roles and interviews) and this ad was spot on – hit multiple buttons with me, including my big ol’ “do gooder” one.

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  3. Like you I didn’t appreciate the beauty of the fashion model, I don’t see any beauty on her. She looks like a raccoon, like you said. Looks not just a heroin addict. but addicted to all kinds of drugs.

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