Danica Patrick and Secret

Danica_2_1 Which athlete is being called "the top candidate to replace Michael Jordan as the top athlete endorser?"  A high profile NFL player?  The world’s number one golfer?  An up and coming NBA all star?  I’ll tell you his name…..

Danica Patrick

Do I know how to call ’em or what?  For those of you who have been living either under a rock or with an extreme allergy to sports, Danica Patrick is a 23 year old Indy Racing League driver.   She was the 2005 Indy Racing League Rookie of the Year.   

Danica Patrick has just signed a deal with Proctor and Gamble to promote Secret antiperspirant.   She’s previously shunned any beauty or personal-care product endorsements – so why Secret?    


Two years ago Secret changed it’s slogan from "Strong enough for a man.  Made for a woman" to "Strong enough for a woman."  Seems like a pretty good fit. 

“Danica really embodies the brand character of secret, which is a strong-yet-feminine woman,” a P&G spokeswoman said. “Her individuality, her persistence -– really she embodies several qualities of what the Secret brand represents.

It doesn’t hurt that Ms. Patrick performs in a sweaty, high-risk sport where she not only competes against men but also beats them."

Sure – Danica Patrick looks like an advertiser’s dream.  But the next Michael Jordan?   

Consider this – Thanks to what many now call “Danica Mania,” the Nashville Speedway recently was sold out for a July race in which Ms. Patrick also led briefly before finishing seventh. And the IRL’s TV ratings are up 49% this year.

Nascar, the last bastion of good-old-boy male testosterone, has launched a diversity and driver-development programs designed to bring women drivers into the sport.

Nike and Dove aren’t the only ones featuring "real women" in their ad campaigns. 

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  6. I must agree, Danica Patrick has been breaking boundaries and is on track to be the most highest paid female athletes in the USA.

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