Corperate Internet Branding

Ok Ok…before all you spell check Nazis start bombarding me with pesky little notes “Holly…..It’s ‘corporate Internet branding’ not ‘corperate Internet branding’.  Please make a note of it.”  I KNOW it’s misspelled.    Did it on purpose.   So there.

Here’s the thing – if you do your keyword research you’ll find corperate internet branding gets almost as many hits as corporate internet branding.  Corperate internet branding isn’t some low level term an uneducated person is likely to type in.  Could be just laziness, could be there’s no spell check per say in search boxes (though they are pretty good at suggesting the correct spelling in the results they return).  In any case, it’s a viable search term.

My point?  When you’re choosing your best keywords always check misspellings like corperate internet branding.  Just please include them in your tags instead of in your actual text.   

So to the reason I stumbled on this tasty little tidbit……

I get asked a lot about branding on the web.   There are lots of ways you can create and enhance your brand on the web, whether you’re looking at a comprehensive corporate Internet branding initiative, or just trying to create a voice for your online newsletter.  (Did I really just say corporate Internet branding initiative?  Sometimes I scare myself)

If you want some great “how to” advice on branding on the web, check out one of my new favorites Bare Feet Blog featuring the incomparable Mary Schmidt. Mary….what are you doing quoting CNET?   Don’t you know you’re supposed to be on iVillage?    Get some great suggestions for branding on the web.

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17 Responses to Corperate Internet Branding

  1. Sean says:

    Spelling nazis?
    That’s a nice sounding term 🙂

  2. Jonathan says:

    Meta tags have been dead for 5 years. Google doesnt even search for them. C’mon.

  3. Mary Schmidt says:

    I also often prefer Spike TV to Lifetime. I’ll take James Bond (Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan, please) in those incredibly sexist, retro (and totally fun) movies over yet another film with Cheryl Ladd weeping all over the place any day.
    I don’t get how how Lifetime is a “woman’s network” when most of the shows are about: a. women dieing; b. women getting beaten up; or c. both. All with lots of weeping, running, hiding and screaming. Might be more appropriately called the “victim” network. All goes to marketers can’t easily categorize women (or men).
    Also interesting to note that recent studies show there really isn’t any difference between men and women re percentage of “thinking” and “feeling” these days on Meyers-Briggs personality tests.

  4. Mary Schmidt says:

    Oh, and meta tags haven’t been dead for as long as five years, (and Google isn’t the only search engine around – just seems like it.) At BFS, we recommend people focus on quality (and fresh) content, key words, and quality links (no link farms or pseudo links from other sites we own -Google punishes us for that.) but it’s not a bad idea to cover your bases with meta tags, as long as you’re in there typing anyway.
    And, given Google’s arcane algorithms, ya never know when they may throw that back in the mix big time, just to keep us on our toes. Sometimes I’m convinced there are cauldrons, pixie dust, and eye of newt involved behind the scenes at Google. How else to explain how I’m the top result when googling “Mary Schmidt” one day, totally disappear the next, and then the next day, hey I’m back!

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