CBS Gives Makegoods for Back to Back Men in Underwear Ads

I can't even believe we're having this conversation.

During the Super Bowl, CBS ran an ad for Dockers next to an ad for Career Builders.  You'd think there wouldn't be any conflict between those two advertisers.  But the problem wasn't the industries, but rather the creative.

Both commercials focused on men in their underwear. 

Here's the Dockers ad.

According to the Ad Age article CBS Offers Dockers Free Air Time After Underwear Imbroglio,  the placement of the two ads was a concern:

"The fact the theme of not wearing pants is similar in both, and the fact that they ran back-to-back, would make it more confusing for consumers to remember who to attribute each piece of creative to," said Stacey Shepatin, senior VP-director of national broadcast, Interpublic Group of Cos.' Hill Holliday

With all the money and power and prestige on the line with Super Bowl commercials, there is such a HUGE opportunity to come up with something amazing and original.  

Yet here we are with a controversy about not just one, but two ads focusing on guys in their underwear. Is this really where we're at people?

I wonder if all the ads featuring rodents are going to try to get make-goods as well? 


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3 Responses to CBS Gives Makegoods for Back to Back Men in Underwear Ads

  1. Eric says:

    Someone at CBS should have caught this. Huge mistake. I’ll give the ad creatives at both agencies that created these commercials a pass–could have been just convergent thinking.

  2. Patrick says:

    Not much would be said it these were two commercials with women in underwear.

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