Can Companies Win Back Women Customers?

What happens when a woman has a bad experience with your company or your product?  Is she gone for good?  Or can you win her back?

It all depends on how you handle her problem.

This is especially important since women remember bad experiences more vividly than men. 

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5 Responses to Can Companies Win Back Women Customers?

  1. Very true! If the company doesn’t know how to handle bad experiences then I wouldn’t want to go back to that company ever again. And yes, I will tell friends to tell their friends about the bad experience…

  2. You have raised a very important point via this post of yours.I totally agree with you..women indeed remembers bad experiences more vivid than men.I am saying it from personal experience.According to me,winning back customers in general is difficult if he/she has had a bad experience with the product of a particular company.

  3. I think that its hard to handle this type of situation as you don’t know a good way to handle a situation than you can’t get back your women customer.

  4. Well this is a tricky situation. Difficult to say..but i feel if the case is handled appropriately, then i don’t see why a company or product can’t win her back.

  5. Sonia Roody says:

    Well, it’s truly challenging to win back the trust of women because they value experience and relation. That’s why good communication is very vital in any field like in a call center. Since agents serve as a bridge of clients and companies, they value every conversation and relation in order to build trust.

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