Best Buy Personas

Hurray! Another
company who gets it. Best Buy is using
personas to redesign their stores. And
they have more than one persona. Another
Hooooyaaaah. They have Buzz (the young
tech enthusiast), Barry (the wealthy professional man), Ray (the family man)
and, Jill.

In the Washington Post’s article – Retail – Profiling for
, Best Buy talks about “Jill” and the changes they made to the store in
order to accommodate her.

"Jill,"is a  code name for a soccer-mom type who is the
main shopper for the family but usually avoids electronics stores. She is
well-educated and usually very confident, but she is intimidated by the
products at Best Buy and the store clerks who spout words like gigabytes and

 Ok – I’m smelling stereotype here. But let’s see what changes they’ve made to
accommodate Jill.


Pink, red and white balloons festoon the entrance.
TVs play "The Incredibles." There is an expanded selection of home
appliances as well as new displays stocked with Hello Kitty, Barbie and
SpongeBob SquarePants electronic equipment.

Well – you’ve certainly made the store more “kid
friendly.” What else


To customers, this group (devoted to helping Jill) is
known as personal shopping associates, and its members wear pastels instead of
the royal blue shirts that other salespeople in the store sport.

Do the pastel shirts still clearly mark them as
Best Buy Employees? Why change the color
of the shirts? Did this cause any
confusion? Does Jill wonder why an
employee in a pastel shirt is helping her while men are helped by the normal
looking employees in the usual branded colors?


The employees offer to walk her to her car in the
rain with a pink umbrella.

Ok, love the
umbrella, but why that pink again? Why
not use the big bright brand colors? Make
her last image of you an umbrella that’s branded with your colors instead of


We’re officially stepped off the train into stereotypeland. So what else?

The music over the loudspeakers has been turned
down a notch and is usually a selection of Jill’s favorites, such as James
Taylor and Mariah Carey.

Ok – Stop. James Taylor? James
Taylor?????? Mariah Carey, ok if it’s
her latest album – but James Taylor???? What else do they play, Anne
Murray? John Denver? Look at any Adult Contemporary playlist (they
target the coveted female 25-54 market) and will you find James Taylor? No. What you will find is Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, Sheryl Crow, Shania
Twain, and Matchbox 20.

I’m not saying Best Buy has Jill completely wrong – there is definitely a “mother” who “lives for
her children” who would be thrilled to be greeted by Sponge Bob Square Pants
and The Incredibles playing on the TV’s. Training employees to be helpful without spouting “techno speak” and
making the environment less testosterone driven is definitely going to help
your sales with women.

Best Buy’s increase in sales speaks for itself – they are
obviously having success thanks to their better understanding of “Jill.”

But I think there’s a minimum of one other female persona
they need to address. How about the
Type-A woman business owner? Or a more
electronically savvy divorced woman who’s setting up a home of her own and
looking for a wide screen TV?

 Here are a few interesting statistics to ponder:

1 – women spend more on technology than men

2 – women are involved in almost 75% of all electronic

3 – women are increasing interested in gadgets, from DVDs,
to iPods, to digital cameras for themselves and for their families

Best Buy may have more personas that weren’t cited in this
article, but if they don’t, I’d have to ask – you feel men are different enough
that they need at least 3 different personas to encompass their different
buying processes. Do you think all
women can fit into one persona? 

Another question – how do you handle “Jill” on your
website? Hmmm – may have to take a look
at that. Let me fire up my pink
computer, grab my pink notebook and ponder the site through my pink framed
glasses. (wink)

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44 Responses to Best Buy Personas

  1. Meet Jill, Best Buy’s Friendly Human Shopbot/Profiler

    I’m a little surprised this article hasn’t generated more discussion. Last week, the Washington Post ran an article about Best…

  2. Judd says:

    “Do you think all women can fit into one persona?”
    You hit the nail on the head. As a recently reformed Buzz, now a Ray I have to say that fact stuck out right from the start. I guess anyone not fitting a stereotype has to fend for themselves while the stereotypical ones get special treatment.

  3. Mike says:

    They don’t group everyone into the one group, the groups they named are the profitable ones that they target. If you don’t fall into a group they aren’t going to ignore you, they just won’t target you.

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  9. Suz says:

    There are more female personas such as Carrie which is very high tech, to Maria which is married to Ray, theres also a persona to Jill. So each male has a female counterpart.

  10. Joanie Fagan says:

    I produce a nationally touring standup comedy show called 3 Blonde Moms, and our demogrpahic buys our tickets in bulk. We talk about all of this that you write about,we are in a secret society, or so it seems at times, and we are shoppers of the world. We research products, use word of mouth to purchase wisely, thank you for all of this information and validation!

  11. dust says:

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  14. Great article! I do think that women have insights on gadgets and technology! I think women do more research before buying something as to men are more splurge when they see something they like.
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  16. They don’t group everyone into the one group, the groups they named are the profitable ones that they target. If you don’t fall into a group they aren’t going to ignore you, they just won’t target you.

  17. cool! interesting post! The latin word derived from the Etruscan word “phersu”, with the same meaning, and its meaning in the latter Roman period changed to indicate a “character” of a theatrical performance.

  18. H, as sick as it sounds I completely agree. It is about time an american car company gets their “box.” The styling of this is no worse than any others, and in some cases it appears better.
    I hope designers kept what I feel to be one of the best features of these type of vehicles (Xb, Fit, Cube), that being the entrance height of the vehicle. I think that is one of the biggest reasons older folks like them, they don’t sit low and the seating position is upright.
    What worries me about this vehicle is that under the GMC label, it is likely to be priced higher than others. But hopefully there would be a little badge engineering, with some style modifications…

  19. Dave says:

    Your brief comments on the musical selections for Jill left me amused and frustrated in equal portions. Way back in ’99, I did a little empirical research paper about musical selection in the retail environment. I found that very few retailers actually ‘knew’ their clientele. A&F and Lane Bryant were on the top of my list; these cats really got it and nailed the perfect soundtracks for the ultimate shopping experience. While I have noticed in the past 10+ years, services like XM have somewhat improved musical selections so that they were more appropriate for the customers actually shopping, I am still completely baffled by some musical choices. Despite the best efforts of marketing teams to create something like a typical persona, music is one of many soft areas that go understudied and therefore misunderstood. Most people are not conscious of music selection while shopping (other than volume), but deep within, “Jill” may feel ill at ease hearing “You’ve Got a Friend”. Tsk. Jill might run away screaming, if it weren’t for the nice people in pastel.

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  21. angie says:

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  22. angie says:

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  23. So how do they determine the persona of a specific product or an entire product line? What would be the persona of a service like copper repipe? Is it a man? Concerned housewife? Who makes these decisions?

  24. Thomas J. Couzens says:

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  34. العاب says:

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  35. Thalyta says:

    Tara, These photos are aeotlusbly STUNNING! You captured Jill and Jared’s personalities perfectly! I’m getting married next year and these photos are exactly what I would picture for my wedding. Too bad you aren’t located in Philadelphia! I cannot wait to see the rest of the album especially those with the Bridal party!*Katie, AKA Jill’s Maid of Honor

  36. Dani says:

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