Best Mother’s Day Commercial from Best Buy

Kelley Styring at InsightFarm did a research project about what's in people's cars.  She found that women have more momentos (in their car and other places) to remind them of "what's important in life."  

I was reminded of that presentation recently when I saw this TV commercial for Best Buy.


This is a great example of marketing technology products to women.  I love Best Buy's "True Stories" series featuring real people.  It adds a human face to their brand.  

Do you have a favorite Mother's Day commercial?

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6 Responses to Best Mother’s Day Commercial from Best Buy

  1. Cindy Adams says:

    Great webinar . Could have been 90 minutes.I was just getting started
    and it was over.

  2. Galper says:

    Most of the working people have something or the other that they hate about their job. Some worry about their pay while others about their boss’ bossy attitude. Working under people is generally very difficult. Having a business of your own gives you the space you need. It also gives you Time Freedom.

  3. Katrina Hase says:

    Isn’t a key chain with their child’s picture in it just buying into the same “mom-that-wears-her-child’s-soccer-button-on-her-coat” stereotype? I dunno…I think I’d rather have a sterling silver key chain from Tiffany’s than some tacky technology bauble. Anyway, when I’m in the car, I can typically see my darling son’s face in the rear view mirror.

  4. Kas says:

    Every time I hear one of the Murdochs or their minions bagnnig on about the importance of quality journalism (generally followed by an attack on the blogosphere, or another attempt at nobbling the ABC/BBC), my response is so why doesn’t your organisation produce any? .The current death-spiral of the traditional media is almost entirely self-inflicted.

  5. Cristiane says:

    Nauseating. Someone I know with similarly-aged son as mine is 16 years older than I am and a VERY good mehotr who spends loads of time with her son reading, playing, walking, doing craft activities, cooking with and all the things of which I do as little as possible! I guess it’s ok for her thought, because she doesn’t LOOK like an older chick’.Ugh. He is nauseating.I wonder whether my mehotr who had her first child at 20 and her last at 40 would send his brain into meltdown as he simultaneously tries to beam approval at her slender-waisted youthful 20-ness and disapproval, contempt and disdain for her grey hair, overweight 40-ness.

  6. Marcia says:

    I was pleased to find a blog post today by Jason Baer on Convince&Convert. His post entltied, 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Will Thrive in the Recession was one of the highlights of my day (other than the racoon on my window

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