Best Marketing To Women Awards 2013

So here we are…..another year and another long list of amazing marketing to women efforts to applaud.

Said no one, ever.

Sigh….one day.

While 2013 may have seen more marketing to women failures than marketing to women successes – can you say Lululemon? – there were some brave, inspiring, stereotype-thumping marketing to women efforts in 2013 that deserve to be applauded.

NFL Women’s Apparel

I love the NFL’s whole “Together We Make Football” campaign.  But the NFL women’s football apparel commercial really rocked the house.  When was the last time you saw a commercial talking about women that started with, “You’ve got the hearts of lions” ?

Jeep – “Whole Again” Superbowl Commercial

Speaking of football, this was a Superbowl commercial that was NOT a joke, but instead made a real human connection.  I know, show me your shocked face.  While this may not be explicitly marketing to women, I do like that it’s real and features soldiers who are women.

Goldieblox – “Girls”

This one’s started a lot of conversations, and that’s why I love it. Girls revolt against stereotypes – yes!

 Pantene – “Labels Against Women”

Again, I like this one because it started a conversation about how women and men in the workforce are judged by a double-standard.

Dove Real Beauty – “Sketches”

An interesting new twist on Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, this video is creative and really hits home.

Best Website – ChartGirl

If you have not visited ChartGirl you are missing out.  Hilary Sargent makes me laugh out loud every time.  My God to have that much smart and funny in one person – awesome.  Especially check out GUYS! Stop Pissing Off Alec Baldwin.

Chart Girl


The Voice – Tessanne Chin

OK, so this isn’t technically a marketing piece.  But what an amazing example of a strong, talented woman.  Go watch it.  Seriously, just go watch it.  I’ll wait here til you get back.

People…..enough with the stereotypes, the fluff, the one-dimensional, boring, predictable, overemotional, milk toast female characters.  ENOUGH.  If you want to connect with women feature strong, interesting, amazing women in non-stereotypical roles.

See if your marketing to women efforts can pass The Buchanan Test for stereotyping women in ads.

Congratulations to all for this year’s winners of the Best Marketing to Women of 2013.

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