Best Marketing To Women Ads 2014

Here are our favorite marketing to women ads for 2014.    Some are obviously targeting women, some are doing it in a more subtle way.  But all do a terrific job of connecting with women.   Drum roll please…….

Subaru – Flat Tire

You will notice a theme here that I’ve been promoting for a long time – if you want to connect with women, show great dads.   I think dads and daughters are an especially powerful combination.

Dick’s Sporting Goods – The Hoop

Dads and daughters – well done, especially for a sporting goods store.  Nice to see an athletics marketer tap into an unexpected emotion.

Android- And You

The reason this made the list was the celebration of humanity and individual expression.  It didn’t come across as canned BS – which is what happens with most attempts at diversity and inclusion.  My favorite shot was the  “And Her” girl who raises her eyebrows at the end.

Friskies – Dear Kitten

This one went seriously viral.   One of the best ways to connect with women is to help them connect with their pets.

AT&T – Sleeping Baby

Some folks might wonder why this made the list.  It’s not that great, but Lily may be the best spokesperson of the year.   Her perfect combination of humor, satire and approachability make her a hit.

American Greetings – World’s Toughest Job

A few weeks ago I was talking with a guy at a financial conference, and he made a comment about a stay at home mother of 3.  “I’d like to see her do my job.  She hasn’t worked a day in her life.”   Yup, it’s 2014 people and “she hasn’t worked a day in her life” is still a common sentiment. So, to the gentleman who made that comment, watch this video. Nuf said.

USAA – To Those Who Dared to Take The Oath

I was reading an article about a female service member who came back from Iraq.  She was struggling to return to her life back in the U.S.  She commented that when people saw the “Iraq Veteran” bumper sticker on her truck, they always said the same thing  – “Is your husband in the service?”  Not one person asked if she was that veteran.  This is why it is so important that we show and honor our female service members in our ads.  So thank you to USAA for doing just that.

What can companies learn about marketing to women from these best marketing to women ads of 2014?

  1. Feature great dads having genuine interactions with their kids (especially daughters)
  2. Break through stereotypes – show women in roles you wouldn’t expect
  3. Celebrate true diversity.  This does NOT mean feature one African American, one Hispanic and one Asian in your commercial.
  4. Show girls and women in leadership roles

This last one is missing from almost all commercials.   The USAA salute to veterans featured women soldiers who serve their country, which is terrific.   But where are commercials featuring women corporate executives, pilots, doctors, team captains, coaches, lawyers, university professors, police, entrepreneurs?

There’s such a missed opportunity here.   Companies and brands are missing out on the incredibly powerful “I want to be her” effect.

Hopefully we’ll see some better examples in 2015.    In the meantime – congrats on some great efforts in 2014.

Check to see if your ad can pass the Buchanan Test for stereotyping women in your ads.

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