Gets Marketing to Women Online

Want to see an example of effective marketing to women online?  Here's one from 

I gotta tell you.  I heart   It's a great place to instantly download audio books at a fraction of the price of pre-packaged audio books on CD.   I am a total audiobook-a-holic. These are my people.

This promotion caught my attention:

Audible - grandma landing page

There are several reasons why I think this is effective:

  1. Copy that resonates with women:  The promotion has a great tongue-in-cheek voice with their "mostly true stories" and "You don't hear 'are we there yet' every half mile."  Quieter kids and more enjoyable time in the car are great benefits.
  2. Images that resonate with women:  It's a wonderful quirky picture of two kids interacting.  Women are focused on relationships – showing two people interacting rather than just one person is a winner. 
  3. The promotion is all about people sharing stories – This is a magnet for women who love sharing their stories and hearing from others.  
  4. It is "other" focused.   Yes, she benefits from having happier kids, but this is a great example of focusing not just on her, but on how your product affects the people she cares about – another powerful technique when trying to reach women.

Thanks to for a great example of marketing to women online.

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