Anticipate Her Needs and Win Her Business

I recently visited a spa (I know, huge surprise) and was impressed not just with the services, but with one small detail.  In each locker they provide you with a plastic bag.  Right at the point where I am taking off my bathing suit from whirlpool soak and wondering how I'm going to get it back to my room,  there is a plastic bag to carry my wet suit.

Women are often the ones doing the anticipating of needs (you can't survive as a mom without this skill).  So when someone else anticipates her needs, she notices.

Are you anticipating her needs on your website?

A proven way to improve customer experience and increase conversion is to anticipate what your customers need, what questions they are asking, what concerns they have, and to address those needs, questions and concerns at the very place they arise.

Here's a great example from

On their Executive Team page, they've done something wonderful.  Can you see what it is?

Ervin and smith about us page

You'll notice in the top right hand corner they've included a link to their image library where you can get high resolution images of the company logo and executive images. 

They have anticipated the needs of a specific visitor –  the press or PR person who wants to write about their company and executive team and needs high resolution images and logo graphics for their story.

Brilliant.  Instead of making them search for a "Press" or "News" section on the site, they have anticipated that these visitors will probably visit the "Executive Team" area of the site and will need these items. 

Why do they have to click to see your contact information?

Ervin and Smith also anticipated the needs of prospective customers.  They anticipated a page these visitors might go to is their services page.  Right there, when the prospect is interested in learning more, instead of making them hunt down a "contact us" tab in navigation, they have the contact info right there on the page.

Ervin services page 

Anticipate your visitors needs online and offline

At what moment does your customer or visitor realize they have a specific need, question, or concern? Be right there with the answers and information they are looking for. 

Trust me – she will notice.

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4 Responses to Anticipate Her Needs and Win Her Business

  1. Kelly Watson says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for pointing this one out. I can’t believe I’ve never seen anyone else doing this, because it seems like such common sense.

  2. That’s very intelligent on their part indeed!awesome idea.Anticipating your customer’s needs and designing accordingly is what is very important while making a website.Looking forward to hearing from you soon again.

  3. Thanks for the inspirational post! I’d like to add that pro bloggers are also very passionate about what they do. That’s what keeps them going when times get tough.

  4. Thank you so much for the post.
    It’s amazing how something that makes so much sense, slips through the cracks, and is so rarely done. Great Idea.
    Good Job!

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